Anyone Can Learn How to Draw a Cartoon Wolf! 如何画一只卡通狼 (2019)

Anyone Can Learn How to Draw a Cartoon Wolf! 如何画一只卡通狼 (2019)

In today’s episode, I’m going to teach
you how to draw a wolf. So grab a pencil, cancel your plans, put on
your artist pants and let’s discover cartooning. Greetings and welcome to the channel. My name
is Malcolm Monteith from A website with resources, online courses and
free tutorials, everything you need to get started drawing cartoons. And today we are
drawing a wolf. We’re going to start with this little shape here, and we’re going
to build him up. So let’s extend this line to here. And then
down. And we’ll draw a curve… like that. And this is gonna be the wolf’s nose. We’ll
give him some eyes. Do two little circles on top of his head. And that is a… that
is a weird looking wolf. But we’ll keep going. We’ll chuck in some triangles, poking out
from behind his eyes. And that kind of looks like ears. And we’ll give him a tuft of
hair. Just put in a semi circle. We’ll make it … we’ll make it hairy later. Okay, now for the bottom of his mouth. Just
draw a little curve, and a tiny little line at the end. And put a curve there for the
other side of his mouth. Alright, put in some pupils now, and he needs
little… little tiny wolfie legs. Poor dude, look at those legs man… too small.
Alright, little triangles, and then a semi-circle for each foot. And that foot is facing the
side, and that foot is facing us. Let’s keep messing it up. Alright, we’re
going to put in some arms, that look nothing like limbs you’d see on a wolf. And then
a tail. Just an S curve over here and just a single curved line going back to his body.
Alright, that’s a good foundation, but let’s now put in some little details over these
shapes. Starting with that pesky tuft of hair. And now let’s give him some teeth. Little
triangles and a tongue. Let’s put in some more fur. We better give
him a shiny nose, let’s do that now. Okay, that’s a pretty sweet wolf. Let’s um…
let’s do some inking now. So, get out your black pen. Put in some lines. And he’s missing something, and that is
a whole lot of black. We need to fill in some areas. So, let’s fill in the mouth. Let’s
just thicken up these lines a bit more. And we’ll just give him some little black shadows
underneath his arms. Okay now get out your thin pen and put in
some tiny little details, just random hairs and spots everywhere. I mean look at him,
he’s happy. He loves those spots. Okay let’s end the inking there. Let’s drop in some
color now. We’re going to start with light brown. And
I’m just going to put this stuff everywhere. All over him!
Now that’s a happy wolf. Okay that’s the first layer of brown done.
Hey – Never stop at the first layer. Try and keep going. Always put over a few layers
and it just looks richer and a heck of a lot nicer. Bit of red for the tongue. Pink for the nose.
Get out the dark brown pencil and just color in his tail a bit’ His ears. And now I’ve
got a purple pencil here. Just put in some extra darks and shadows. And now a bit more
brown. Okay let’s end it there. We’ve just drawn
a cartoon wolf. Hope you enjoyed it… thanks so much for watching. Eat your greens, stay
in school, drink plenty of water, and I’ll see you in the future. Ciao! That was today’s video. If you’ve enjoyed
it, please give it a naughty little thumbs up. And my question to you is – what would you
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7 thoughts on “Anyone Can Learn How to Draw a Cartoon Wolf! 如何画一只卡通狼 (2019)

  1. Excellent video – really enjoyed it – thanks !

  2. OMG I never thought of taking up drawing but after watching this video, I gonna run out and get some artist supplies. Nice job and I love the music too.

  3. Great video from a fellow artist and a friend from p24. Love it. Grew up drawing cartoon characters.

  4. Definitely need to add a video of you drawing a flying squirrel. Or whatever those things are called.

  5. I'm totally gonna try drawing this wolf, Malximus Prime! ✌🏿✌🏿

  6. Drawn my wolf already cool video thanks keep em coming
    Can you do a french mastiff video please I have one?

  7. Muito legal, thanks!

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