Anti-Gravity Cone?!

Anti-Gravity Cone?!

So you know what usually happens when you
roll a ball down a hill. No matter the size of the ball or the size
of the hill, the ball will obviously roll down the hill following the pull of gravity. But would you believe that a ball could actually
start rolling downhill and then turn around and start rolling back uphill against gravity? Well, Einstein didn’t think so, but he was
actually wrong. And in this video, for the first time, you
can see it happen for yourself. This is my friend and colleague, Keith, who
recently proved something pretty unbelievable. “So what did people say when you told them
not only could a ball roll downhill, but then it could turn around then start going back
uphill?” “No one believed it.” “I remember I didn’t believe it.” “No, most people told me that I had a minus
sign wrong.” “What were you thinking?” “I was thinking I gotta check that math.” Even though I didn’t believe Keith at first,
my mind started to change when I went home and did this simulation. It’s just a ball dropped on a rotating cone. You can see that the ball starts rolling down
and then starts rolling back up. But does it work in the real world? Well, Keith, along with some of our other
colleagues, built a cone that looks sort of like a disk, but it actually has a one-degree
angle. You can see it’s a cone because these marbles
roll toward the edge. But when the cone’s spinning, look what happens
to the balls: they don’t roll to the edge. They just stay on the cone and roll around
in a circle and sometimes they roll back toward the center. But if somebody tells you a ball can roll
uphill, you probably want to see a more dramatic hill, something a little steeper. After working out some equations with Keith,
we figured out that this would work with a 15- or 20-degree cone, but it would have to
actually be four feet in diameter and it would have to be spinning so fast that the edge
would be moving 25 miles per hour. So, to get this huge cone designed and built,
I went to an engineering company and we started putting it together. Using this enormous rotating cone and this
basketball, I’m going to show you a gravity-defying phenomenon. The ball starts by rolling down the cone and
then starts rolling back up against gravity. Einstein did think about balls rolling on
spinning surfaces, but he didn’t think friction would have a big enough effect to do anything
like this. So, how does something so unintuitive actually
work? Well, in the next episode, I’ll explain how
it works using a record player and a few treadmills. Yeah, I’m going to the gym. And if you want more What the Physics?! please subscribe and hit that little bell
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8 thoughts on “Anti-Gravity Cone?!

  1. No wonder ufo's have cone-like shape on the top side. Also gravity is not a pull, its a push. Gravity is caused by the aether accelerating earthwards at 9.8 m/s2. Earths electromagnetic forces pull the aether towards it from space, aether in turn pushes everything to the ground causing gravity we experience. To make an analogy, its similar to water going down the drain pushing all objects in the water towards the drain. Think of drain as earths electromagnetic forces and water as aether going towards it.

  2. What i think is happening here is earths gravity/aether is pushing the ball earthwards while the rotating cone is causing aether to accelerate towards the center of the cone. This is because centrifugal force displaces aether outwards creating slightly low aether pressure at the center of the cone which causes aether to accelerate towards the center of the cone pushing the ball upwards with it. So basically aether is going at the edge of the cone first due to centrifugal force and then going to the center of cone due to slight low aether pressure created by centrifugal force. Balance causes ball to stay in orbit instead of getting flung off. Aether is a fifth platonic solid entire physical universe is submerged in.

  3. the ball rotates in the same direction to the center of the cone.

  4. Is this a joke?

  5. So it’s not actually rolling up hill. It’s being pushed up hill by centripetal force. This would never happen unless you know where there’s a giant spinning hill. Liar!!! 🤬

  6. I think you're cheating

  7. 2:44 he went to the gym, gathered up the treadmills only to do this😂

  8. These explanations of gravity are crude. A ball that bends space time. Like putting a ball on a sheet and the ball pushes down. Mass moving through space time would have to create a well at the center of the mass and you would have to create a bubble in space time to create anti gravity. I looked at some examples of how some of these Physics explain gravity and it occurred to me their examples are at best crude. With a correct view. time and space? Mass doesn't block time and space or gravity from moving quite through every part of it. Must be a well at the center of the mass the create the effect. Crude and disgusting.

  9. mass is moving through and time bends not. The explanations are misleading. the mass is effected as it moves through and that is the every part of the mass is effected and the larger the mass the larger the effect. so with that said. bend not time in your minds.

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