Animator Vs. Cartoonist Try Character Mashups

Animator Vs. Cartoonist Try Character Mashups

100 thoughts on “Animator Vs. Cartoonist Try Character Mashups

  1. Ross and anthony's drawings? ITS A MASTERPIECE! 💖

  2. Soooooooooo excited for jason's!! Can't wait to see his creeeepy Frankenstein version of Garfield and Jerry 😍😍😍😍

  3. here for Ross, he can literally make anything look amazing

  4. I think this is my favorite one!! Please don’t stop making these

  5. Man Anthony and Ross never disappoint

  6. Only videos I watch on BuzzFeed now.

  7. Jackie and anthony HOOWWW ?? Just wow

  8. Yay Jason’s back!!!!!!

  9. Buzzfeed Thankyou for Anthony.

  10. Damn Ross we Thank the Gods above for you

  11. I like the kevin kne because it looks like a cute grim reaper

  12. Kevin and Jackie 4 ever!

  13. Anthony…. That's freaking beatiful.

  14. I think this violates the Geneva Conventions

  15. The Woody Bravo Ross did is amazing!

  16. OMG ROSSSS!!!!!

  17. We need 1) Jackie and Kevin
    2) Kyra and Anthony
    3) 2 big studio animator's


  19. "It's a me, Sonic!" – Kevin 2019

  20. I love Anthony and Ross's mashups but I miss Kyra

  21. Jason and Brent was the best, in my opinion

  22. Anthony slayed this challenge!

  23. CAN ross draws draw anything thats not a blue eyed white girl????? answer: waifu artist only

  24. Where's kyraaaaa!? 😭

  25. I was think the Jerry/Garfield mashup was like Garfield died a long time ago…. Jerry has been moving around his cat carcass with his buddies to get free lasagnas.

  26. I love it when Jackie makes Kevin stop talking because it's just too Jackie for him.

  27. Anthony and Ross win for best drawings. Kevin and Jackie need their own show. Love them!

  28. I love Jackie's sarcasm it brings the light to this video
    but she looks like the creature from the movie Splice(2009)

  29. Anthony always best art with Animator style, and Ross too

  30. Anthony and ross need to be in more episodes

  31. Is Jackie a cartoonist or a animator???🧐🧐🧐

  32. Is Ross an animator or a cartoonist???🧐🧐🧐

  33. More of these!!!!! 🤩

  34. both Anthony and Ross made such cool art!!!!!!

  35. This is 100% the best one yet

  36. Everyone did good! But I love Anthony's and Ross'!

  37. jackie is so dam cute

  38. Kevin with the pose saying, "itsa me, sonic!" Had me dying for some reason. Just the way he was smiling. Everything about it was perfect 😂

  39. Anthony and ross thebest mashup carracters for this video

  40. Dang, ross and anthony incredible skills.
    Brent is adorable.


  42. I’ve never seen Anthony before & wow, he is incredibly talented :0

  43. thank god, no one screaming and cursing the whole time this time, just draw good stuff.

  44. Take a states face and make it a cartoon face

  45. I am not gonna lie I had no hope for Anthony but dear Lord that was amazing

  46. Ross turned Woody into a JoJo’s character

  47. ahh i love all of their pieces 🥰🥰

  48. Ross and Anthony killed it how awesome!!

  49. How much time do they have to complete their drawing?

  50. This is the best so far. Great idea!

  51. ive been binging on these videos and i gotta say im literally floored every time i see anthony's work. i mean what the actual hell his drawings are breathtaking and to think theyre only given like 20 minutes??? bruh

  52. See I love Olaf like I even have an Olaf tattoo so that picture or drawing just hurt my feelings Lmaoo

  53. I'm not gonna lie, I really liked this idea! It was very different and gave the opportunity for them to have such different and great outcomes

  54. Woody be looking like Woody Joestar

  55. Kevin Kermit

  56. …so…SHREKLAF

  57. Kevin and Jackie are so funny they were without any words to describe their drawings hahshhahs

  58. Jason's definitely been to r/imsorryjon

  59. Well Jason's sucks. Again

  60. All these people + Kyra = PERFECT episode

  61. they should do sheen characters or disney characters

  62. I wanna place Anthony's painting on my wall pleeeaaasee

  63. Every one: mixes characters
    Jason: literally puts jerry inside garfields mouth

  64. I love Jackie

  65. I hate frozen

  66. The keys to this series:
    1) kindness
    2) talent
    3) abominations

  67. Anthony and Ross are soooop good at art and I love Kevin and Jackie’s art style

  68. “I’m going to mash the hell out these characters.”

  69. Yooooo Anthony and Ross ❤❤❤❤ they did so welllllll!

  70. Kermit drinking your tea after he kills you😂😂😂


  72. Imagine Olaf and naruto

  73. Is rech for the sky woodey

  74. Anthony's Is The Best One

  75. 9:12 come on caption person, should of?

  76. Ross draws so good….

  77. Pls just hired ross and go fired that freaky jonni

  78. More mashup episodes please. I really enjoyed this one 💕

  79. Does Anthony's look like a frog rockadoodle. All I think of is rock-a-doodle

  80. Anthony and Ross rock!

  81. I feel overwhelmed & at the same time my definition of an "ARTIST" is now questioning me.



  82. There's a snake in my boot

  83. I would love to see them do anime or manga characters!!!

  84. Johnny bravo and kermit gave me rock a doodle vibes

  85. The number of people who want Kyra back

  86. I like more Jackie's drawing 😚😚

  87. kevin is like Jackie’s dad

  88. That Woody Bravo mashup looks really cool

  89. Ross yours is awesome

  90. Ahhh Jackie did Sonic+Marios hair wrong

  91. Might be my fav ep. Everything is just perfect.

  92. Jackie is so annoying. She thinks she’s hilarious.

  93. I love thisXD

  94. Which one is animator

  95. Anthony's drawing so good! I would buy that drawing

  96. So much talent here. Anthony and Ross both killed it.

  97. 7:53 favorite part lmao

  98. Anthony is showing everyone up

  99. It's always funny with Jackie and Kevin 😂😂

  100. to many ads!!!

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