Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Marvel Characters From Memory

Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Marvel Characters From Memory

100 thoughts on “Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Marvel Characters From Memory

  1. Jonni’s Art fits better if he were drawing with someone like OneyNG and RubberRoss

  2. 8:02 tf is this laugh

  3. Am I the only one that thinks Kevin's impression of Stan Lee was actually good?

  4. i wanted Black Panther or the first female Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau.. maybe next time

  5. 🗣 “I’M JONNI !” I was like “sheeesh okay”… 🙉

  6. How can you not be madly in love with Jackie?

  7. Jackie please never change

  8. Why is that jonni person there if they don't care and not even try.

  9. Jonni’s drawing was so one point to caption marvel,am I right?

  10. Kevin’s Stan Lee impression is really good

  11. Jonni is the human equivalent of the Scott’s Tots episode of The Office

  12. "If your favourite superhero is Venom, you're either an edgy 13yr old boy, or a 25yr old woman that just got out of a long relationship."

    I feel personally attacked lmao

  13. Wtf was Jonni thinking….honestly

  14. Hae Joon drew how Bree Larson sees her self in the MCU. Jonni drew how everyone actually sees Bree Larson in the MCU

  15. First of Jackie is the best lol, Hae-Joon I wanna lay in the grass and cloud watch lol! He’s a big ole teddy bear! I love this series!

  16. When they said Captain Marvel my brain immediately thought "isn't he a DC character?" Then I realized, "Oh… they meant the lady previously known as Miss Marvel"

  17. Disliked coz Jonni is here.

  18. I really like hae Joon and Jonni 🙂

  19. jonni ur ok in my book xo

  20. 8:55 come on Kevin what u doing with your fingers

  21. Gwen stacy…

  22. I really like Jonni's drawing ! it's refreshing to have someone that really draws in their own style, and I think she did great !

  23. 67% of you guys said that Jonni's drawing looks wEiRd

    1% me trying to stop hating idiots

  24. Jonni's captain marvel was best

  25. I like jonni's style

  26. Why jonni…. Tired of watching his usless drawing ……

  27. why??? really? i can draw captain marvel better than this A.H …. serious guys!!! bring me to buzzfeed and i'll do my best to draw and respect the character in the end….. damn you J f** ONNI …. @buzzfeed brig me to your studio!!!!! i'm the best noob than this guy!!! pffffff

  28. I find no joy in Jonni's work. It creeps me out and I can't even appreciate it on a technical level as it looks so "elementary school" like.

  29. jackie is gross

  30. That's incredible

  31. Jonni sounds exactly like Jesse Eisenberg

  32. Let me guess, Jonni thinks he’s a woman?

  33. Jackie is so annoying, I enjoy the parts when she doesn't talk

  34. kevin and jackie have to stay

  35. I enjoy to watching your vedios

  36. que asco de dibujos

  37. Jackie is boring

  38. Man if these people could be professional artists so could I

  39. Jackie: u no spiders existed before Spider-Man
    Kevin: silence
    Kevin: looks at camera for help

  40. Come on, guys, why so much hate for Jonni? Even if you don't like her personality or art style, you can still be respectful. How would you feel if someone commented all these things about you?

  41. Kevin and Jackie are the best!

  42. The captain marvel one it hurts then again her captain marvel costume was hard to imagine unless its stuck in your head cause theres barely any detail except for the logo i suppose

  43. 10:10 lmao

  44. I read the comments first and expected to hate Jonni's personality and drawing but I found him/her 's drawing a lot of fun and nothing annoying or troubling about the personality. Feels like people just hating cuz Jonni's different.

  45. Just because you guys don’t like Jonni’s drawing style doesn’t mean he can’t draw. His drawings makes me think of a lot of different adult cartoons out there. For a guy that didn’t know who Captain Marvel was at all, he tried.

  46. Only kevin knows how to draw.Jonni's looks like something my 7 yo niece would do

  47. Jonni triggers me ngl

  48. What the hell is jonni drawing

  49. I would have stopped watching this video at 2:20 if it weren't because you cut to Kevin telling Jackie some very interesting details about Spiderman's design. That was the quality content I was looking for, right there. Not Jonni's "cute. Can I draw ME in here?"

  50. My sister has that tablet

  51. For the love of God get rid of johnni! Not funny, terrible artist and just here to be PC

  52. How are you artist but don’t know who these major characters are ?

  53. Like si hablas español pero igual lo ves en inglés:v

  54. "Stan Lee is already like, 90" who's gonna tell her?

  55. Jonni is sucks. I can draw that blindfolded

  56. Get rid of that lesbian looking man lady.

  57. 3:09 nope just an 11 year old girl who likes Bendy and Venom 🙂

  58. 3:45 oh wait Idk who captain marvel is lmao
    I thought it was captain America

  59. the asian girl is hilarious

  60. i like jonni. they don't take themselves or the art too seriously and they're hilarious!

  61. 6:33 Woah that a spot on Stan Lee impression

  62. Is Jonni a male or a female

  63. Srry but Jonni doesn’t even draw. She just complains and stuff. I just want kyra back and NOT Joni.

  64. Her:what ever they’re all the same.
    My nerd heart:SCREEEEEEEE

  65. Google Red headed mouse spider!

  66. Wtf jonni is doing

  67. Jonni is misunderstood I like jonni

  68. Kevin's stan Lee impression was, really good

  69. Jonni is sht

  70. Just draw Logan

  71. Jackie is kinda the only one who can draw

  72. buzzfeed are you guys reading these comments…. damn…. just bring back kyra and replace that jonni too annoying!!!!!!!

  73. Fck this is my first time watching and instantly hate jonni

  74. Fck this is my first time watching and instantly hate jonni

  75. Who tf picked captain marvel

  76. Is Jonni a dude?

  77. Lmfao Wolverine leg hairs

  78. If Jonni can be on here, even I could and I can’t draw a circle.

  79. i wish they had changed what they got when neither knew who she was :/

  80. Jackie is SO FUNNY!! Lol 😂 and Kevin is great too!!!

  81. I hate this asian girl
    She's not funny

  82. Jonni ruined Hae-joons picture!!!

  83. Sitting here laughing at the fact that Jonni draws like my 10 yr old daughter

  84. “If you’re postmolone don’t enter this giveaway” lmaooo

  85. wow, joni's captain marvel hands are awesomely designed…

  86. Kevin and Jackie are the only reason I come back to this series every week.

  87. No please, no Jonni again

  88. Kevin and jackie argghhh so much father and daughter thing over here 🤩🤩🤩😍

  89. Buzzfeed got me on a binge with these videos

  90. This is the only buzz feed videos I like.

    Thanks to iDubzz, leafy, memeulous, pyrocincal, carson, and more..

  91. Kevin’s voice for Stan Lee was actually pretty good.

  92. you should have them do a challenge where they have 10 min to create a monster.

  93. the Asian lady is annoying asf

  94. Once I saw jonni
    I quickly decided not to watch

  95. Sucks

  96. Can i have a give away my tablet broke and its broken litteraly i a.m saving money but i just earn 100 PHP

  97. NO OFFENSE but i think jonni is gay.number of people think jonni is gay.

  98. This is how many LIKES JONNI SAID

  99. Kevin’s impression of Stan lee was very good

  100. I would love to see them do 70-80ies cartoons: He-man / Jem / Care Bears/….

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