"Amazing" street performer plays cool instrument!!

"Amazing" street performer plays cool instrument!!

41 thoughts on “"Amazing" street performer plays cool instrument!!

  1. I'm amazed that doesn't hurt his thumbs, slapping them against metal like that.

  2. Am I the only one that is thinking about the Spoon Lady??? đź‘Ź

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  4. What is this instrument?

  5. the hang is an incredible instrument, because where more "traditional" instruments like guitar, cello, trumpet needs practice to get a good sound, hang are plug and play instruments, without the plug. if you have ever tapped a rythm on a table, you can make it sound good! but be aware that I'm not saying that he does not deserves the praise, as any other instruments you still need to master it.

  6. cum ii zice la acest instrument "spatial " ???

  7. does anyone know what the instrument is called?

  8. I have never seen anyone try to be so black without actually being black…..

  9. Que HERMOSA MUSICA que super talento del muchacho.

  10. I like to this one part of the halo theme that would sound perfect on this

  11. This instrument is called a "Hang" it's a Swiss instrument hand made by a couple who produce only a certain amount each year

  12. HANDPAN!

  13. fuck i love it dam tecnique awesome no words

  14. For your notes, here ut is. Its called a Steel drum..

  15. His name is Daniel Waple from England I think…a hang drum like his is rare and costs thousands and thousands….he's amazing

  16. I find the amusing passersby endearing. It is political grapefruit, just like senseless reverberation with fish sticks, akin to a happy fire hydrant. If you were a fish, would you like to be rendered into sticks? Noteworthy resonance emitted from formed steel structures, or perhaps aluminum if it is lighter and cheaper. My puppy has a triangle made of molybdenum. I sing the praises of the invented God Jesus every Sunday in my collective wildlife habitat near the Starbucks where they serve burnt coffee. My favorite beverage! I less-often drool in context of mayhem than endure the reactions to public interests for the sole sake of infused wisdom. He plays beautifully, and I would kiss him if I knew his blood type.

  17. Dude, i thought UFO's where huge…but apparently their not…

  18. Awesome!

  19. Its the same instrument for minecraft soundeffect

  20. Is that in Ontario ?

  21. what instrument  is this?

  22. He has true talent

  23. AWESOME STUFF!! Well done. Soooo loved it!

  24. That sounds just like "One Final Effort" from the Halo 3 sound track.

  25. Kinda looks like am upside down steel drum…

  26. judging by the comments below…. ignorance is an instrument some play very well. This is cool and different. Ive seen a small asian woman play one as well here on youtube…. and the comments had less ignorance playing morons… grats on your skill tho… too bad it wont go anywhere… this guy… above… you know the one TRYING to play it… hats off and a kudoz… cool stuff… play on sir… play on…

  27. I personally did not like his performance but im liking this because he does this with heart and true passion hes not just doing it for money I can see it in his eyes and smile

  28. where i can buy it?

  29. Does anyone know what song he's playing?

  30. +MarkIsRealBored  this !

  31. Does anyone know what the song he's playing is called?

  32. its a hang :D!!

  33. What's the name of the instrument?

  34. Beautiful!!!

  35. ALIENS.

  36. This guy looks like he rips people off

  37. Not everything is about politics people..gees..just enjoy the show or at least appreciate someones talent, even if the instrument isn't to your liking. I think he did a good job. 🙂 

  38. These are the young folks who vote for covert Marxists, in order to sponge off the system, who will one day end up in forced Labor Camps after the ganga induced utopian bubble bursts and they realize… that crap don't work! Play on you happy moron!

  39. Halo Drum

  40. Everyone wants to know what it is, google can tell you that. Google can't tell you the name of the song! what song is this!?

  41. Really awesome 🙂

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