All Of My Original Stories – Creative Guzzle

All Of My Original Stories – Creative Guzzle

Hey guys! My name is Stephanie Brown and you’re
watching Creative Guzzle. Wow, what a crazy past couple weeks this has
been! I drove into Arizona to spend Christmas with my sister, and then I drove up to Sacramento
to spend New Year’s with my friends Heather and Jamie. Which if you want to watch that
madness, you can check out this video right here. It’s last week’s video, basically.
And now it’s the New Year! What do I talk about now?
Tonight’s drink is…something I made up. I think I might need to experiment a little
more with it. I wanted to make something called Creative Juice, I think I used the wrong juice
for it, so…it’s not the best. You know what, no. I’m just gonna drink some white wine tonight,
and I’m going to try again on the Creative Juice, because you guys deserve better. Wow!
That’s really good wine. So now that the New Year is here, you know
what that means! It’s time for New Year’s Resolutions. One of mine complete my finish
up my unfinished drafts that I have. Which is mainly King’s Flag and Spark of Honor,
I think. But I figured tonight I’d tell you guys
a little about my stories, which is why I wanted to do the Creative Juice, but…I failed.
I know I’ve mentioned my stories a few times in passing in my previous videos, but now
I’ll actually tell you what they are about. I’ve already told you about my ghost movie
Nethergate, and you can check out that video here, so I won’t cover that one again. I’m
just going to be talking about the other ones. I’ll start with my oldest and dearest story,
Legend of the Orbs. It started out as a five-part book series back when I was a teenager, but
when I discovered that I really love screenwriting, when I was in college, it turned into a film
trilogy. It is a fantasy adventure about a young woman named Sylanya who discovers a
map that marks the locations of ancient magical artifacts known as the Orbs. Realizing after
a devastating fire storm that someone already has the fire Orb, Sylanya sets out, with some
help, to go retrieve the other orbs to keep them out of the wrong hands. Sylanya also
hides a deep secret that would put her in danger if the wrong person found out about
it. Which of course…they do. That’s my hardcore fantasy story. I also
have a few scifi movies. First is Nebula, which is about a massive army of spaceships
coming to attack Earth, only those ships are not full of aliens, but humans from the future
who coming to reclaim their planet. And the only people who can help fight back…are
also from the future. It’s sort of like Battlestar Galactica meets Independence Day…but
with time travel. Power Up is my cyberpunk thriller, about a
man named Matt who is inadvertently framed for the theft of a top secret piece of technology
and has to go on the run, only to fall in with the people he had always believed were
the bad guys. Spark of Honor, the one I’ve been working
on most recently, is about a trio of brothers, the older two of which are Samurai to a ruthless
Emperor. The oldest brother, Yoshirou, is also part of an elite team of rebels known
as the Nine Stars who have been defending poor villages from the Emperor’s soldiers.
When the Nine Stars attempt to strike back at the Emperor, the op goes horribly wrong,
Yoshi is killed, and his younger brothers Katsuo and Tomi are taken in by the rebels.
Katsuo, my main character, has to learn to let go of his “honor” and fight for what
is right. My other unfinished story is The King’s
Flag, which is a pirate movie. The original idea for this was the Lion King but with pirates.
Young prince Edward goes on the run when his father’s castle is attacked. 20 years later,
his old childhood friend Giselle stumbles across him, only to discover that he has been
living as a pirate for the last two decades. While all Edward wants to do is live a carefree
life on the high seas, Giselle tries to convince him to take back the throne that is rightfully
his. And of course, because it’s a pirate there is also a treasure for them to find.
Fun times. And the only other one that I have a whole
draft written of is The End, my demonic apocalypse story. It’s about a young woman named Eve
who wakes up in a hospital only to find the world overrun by demons. She is taken in by
a group of survivors, but soon discovers that while she’s been asleep in the hospital, extremely
close to the portal the demons came through, she has somehow absorbed their powers without
being possessed. Now all Eve wants to do is find her sister. Except there’s just one
problem: her sister is possessed by Lilith, the queen of the demons.
Now all of these stories, except for obviously Spark of Honor and King’s Flag, have at
least a first draft, some of them are much further along than that. Especially Legend
of the Orbs part one, it’s…I don’t even know what draft that ones on, it’s like 13
maybe? I don’t know. I have several other story ideas too, I just haven’t written
much of them yet. These include my tropical fairy tale Beyond the Mist, my alien abduction
story, Transference, a story involving parallel worlds, one that is steampunk, the other more
like Mad Max, and what happens when those worlds collide, which is called Rift Raiders,
and my dumb idea for an elite black-ops type-team of women who use the Disney princesses as
their aliases, which I call the Royal Force – and yes I have done art – plus a couple
other ideas I won’t get into. It’s a lot. I know, I’m crazy.
So those are all of my stories. Let me know which of these stories interest you the most
in the comments down below. And if you liked this video, you can hit that thumbs up button,
share it with your friends, and don’t forget to subscribe to stay up to date on all future
videos. Happy New Year! Stay excellent to each other! *gasp* That just flooded my entire
body! What kind of wine is this?!

5 thoughts on “All Of My Original Stories – Creative Guzzle

  1. I really like the idea behind Nebula. It makes me wonder: if we owe posterity a habitable planet, are they wrong for claiming it before the damage humanity does to the Earth becomes irreversible?

  2. We ❤ this video 🙂 Thumbs up 🙂

  3. Awesome 🙂

  4. I'm definitely no writer but I've always enjoyed coming up with ideas for stories. I have a few that I actually tried to work on but have just been so busy with work etc (excuses, excuses). Hopefully this year I can try to get some more work done on them.

  5. If I may, can I give you a small critique? The concepts you presented are very interesting (especially 'Nethergate'. The plot seems pretty cool, but the concept art really caught my eye and got me interested. And god damn it if 'Nebula' doesn't sound AMAZING), but there are two things I wanna say. First, this is not so much a critique, more a plea, to please not contribute to the current stagnation of the fantasy genre with 'Legend of the Orbs' and not recycle the same staples, chichés and storylines that have become the genre's downfall. You know the ones, the dark lord, the heroes, the great quest (..I mean your story has a quest but…okay you know what ignore that one). Maybe you could flip around the troupes, maybe make it so Orcs are the good guys and Elves are the big, evil antagonists of this world. Hell, if you could create a fantasy world where the lore and world building isn't based around European mythology, not only would it get people like me interested in your film, but it would also make your work really stand out and could potentially gather quite the following. Now, the second thing I want to say, which is an actual critique, is that your names are…not the best. This feels very hypocritical of me (for context, my chapters sport such classic titles as 'Surprise, bitch!' and 'GUESS WHO'S BACK, BACK AGAIN!?'), but to be honest you're not hooking anyone with a names like 'Legend of the Orbs' where the artefacts are just called 'The Orbs'. They're not so much bad titles, it's just names like 'The End' are just very generic and are easily forgotten. I think some really out there names for your stories would be nice. Some research would help, can't think of anything specific to tell you other than, the more unheard of and out there the name of your film (and the name of your characters, especially your protagonist(s) and antagonist(s), for that matter), the more likely it is stick in a person's head, therefore making it more likely that that person will remember your movie and want to go watch it and/or support it. As for the artefacts, I think you should base your fantasy world around a certain culture (preferably not the same European Tolkien stuff we've seen over and over, but you can do whatever you want it's your world), do some research on said culture, and expand your world and make it your own from there. You can look for objects that are similar to the Orbs, and other objects, symbols, etc you want to integrate into the lore, and base the name around that, or, look for words in the culture's vernacular that translate to a keyword that describes the Orbs. Maybe do research into ideas similar to that of the Orbs in general? Both historical and modern artefacts that have elemental links, that can give you inspiration? Can't think of much else to say other than don't go 'Lady In The Water' with it and just make up gibberish words by smashing together syllables and letters. Other than that, best of luck with your stories bud, you have the potential to go far!

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