AION 7.0 New Class PAINTER Review

AION 7.0 New Class PAINTER Review

Hey guys and welcome back to
my channel. Today, we’re talking about the
new class painter which comes with Aion patch 7.0. I’m currently on
the Korean live servers they got this patch recently
a couple of weeks ago. And I want to make a full review
of the class. I got to endgame. I got to do
some PvP, some PvE, and I want to talk about it. I want to give you guys all the details
about this class, yeah? Cool! Before I get going guys. Can I just remind you that I’m
streaming on Twitch? My twitch is twitch.TV/sywosan I would really appreciate it if some of you that don’t know,
even if you do know, to come over to my twitch page,
drop me a follow there, so you know when I get live… Come over when I stream, drop me
a couple of kappas in the chat. Cool! That being out
of the way guys, Let’s get going into this class. I absolutely love it! And I love it
because of the combat, and I also love it because of
the way it changes the game. Basically this class brings… at least three If not more brand
new absolutely… never seen before systems
to Aion as a game. First of all, it wears clothes gear. So it’s a light wearer,
with physical attack stats. It is a physical dps class. The range is a medium range. It’s about 15 meters at max,
if not melee. So you’re not going to have 25 meters
like a sorcerer, bard, cleric, and you’re not going to be melee like, I don’t know, an assassin,
gladiator or whatever. The weapon that they wear… is this, translated into “spray can”. When it’s holstered it
looks kind of like this. And then when you see it…
This is how it looks. Yeah? Basically some gauntlets that have some… empty circles from which
paint comes out. Yeah? Cool! This weapon is a two-handed.
So combination is definitely needed. In terms of I don’t know,
I’m thinking of… extendable? Sure! Why not? You know, just increase the range
from 15 to 18 meters, just saying pretty cool stuff. Other than that guys, physical stats all the way, because
it is a physical DPS class. This class, the first thing that this class
brings brand new to Aion is obviously a new type of light gear. A new type of gear that can drop during
your, I don’t know, Prometun’s runs? A new type of gear that can be
crafted by you, which is the light gear with
physical stats. Pretty cool thing! However, I personally didn’t really
see the point in having a brand new type of gear
just for this particular class. Because obviously there’s plenty, and they don’t drop any way
in terms of PvE. And also in terms of crafting,
the more types, the more different types of sets
there are available to craft, the fewer chance there is that
someone’s gonna craft the type of set and the type of piece that you want, right? So it just not complicates, but it just throws more diversity
in the game. And diversity normally is good. However, maybe this time it was not
necessarily called for. But I don’t mind it. I appreciate it. It is pretty
interesting, yeah? Cool! In terms of other things that,
guys, that it brings to the table, Skills! That are absolutely genius! For example, this skill right here guys,
this is a “Tether skill”. The class is based a lot on these
tethering skills, they have quite many tethering skills
as normal skills and also as stigmas. even your your Vision stigma can be
for example this skill right here, that is also skill that immobilizes
you and does aoe damage with a form of tether and you
just stand still there, right? This is definitely not for PvP. But I’m just saying for PvE
this is another type of… you know, stand still, do a tether,
and do something, yeah? They have other tethers as
well like the… This one right here “Time Strap”. This is another tether that you
can actually use. Yeah? Besides these two. And they have
another stigma as a tether as well. Where is this tether this
one right here, yeah? So a lot of tethers! And this skill mechanic is
brand new to Aion. And I absolutely love it!
I love everything about this class. Including these tethers. I… What I don’t like…
Let’s just get that out of way. What I don’t like, what I despise is
these animations, and these graphics, these paint
splashes, these explosions of paint. This is absolutely horrendous! This is absolutely horrendous, yeah? This is the only thing I don’t like and
I’m not going to talk about it anymore, because I’ve already said it in
one of my previous videos. And I still don’t like it,
and I’m never gonna like it, and that’s the only thing I don’t like. In terms of other things
like combat, mobility, what it brings to the table as a class? I simply appreciate and admire the
work that has been put into this. Besides the tethers, guys, there’s also skills like this one
right here. Yeah? This is basically a second life
for the class. I know that there is the Cleric class which also has a skill that if you drop
under 25% or 50% it heals you up by some things, but this one is absolutely genius. Because if instead of you dying, you have a skill that actually heals you, and you don’t need to do anything about it. You just pop it and it is on you as a buff. So whether you are silenced, stunned,
at the moment of death, or like you know, knocked down or
any other form of CC, if someone kills you this
skill is gonna proc. So very cool stuff in terms
of this skill as well. This is again a brand new idea
to Aion, instead of death… You just heal yourself up. Some skills are also… can be improved, by having a Daevanion version of it,
including this one. I really like this. Other versions of this skill that heals
you the “Second Life”… Is basic…, not basically a second life,
it just heals you for 20k HP. Now if you’re a painter at endgame
with 60k HP, because you have full,
you know, best gear, then definitely 20k HP is about
33% of your total HP, so it doesn’t like heal you
for full, right? But for example, look at this one,
This is a 35k heal. You understand what I’m saying? This heal, heals you even if you’re
fully decked out with gear. It heals you for more than
half of your total HP. So the point is it use you for a lot, pop a 20% pot from the cash shop
on top of this and there you go, instead of dying you’re back at 70%
or maybe even more 75, 80, depending how much HP you have in total. And you know,
other versions are available. It has a 10 minute cooldown.
I get it! You can only use it once, maybe,
per Runatorium (ID). In terms of PvE, you can use it
I don’t know, once in Makarna, once for every dungeon run.
But it is still something. The last version of this Daevanion skill
is the 5-minute cooldown one. It heals you 20k, but there’s a
5-minute cooldown on it. So that reduces the cooldown by half.
Still pretty sweet. Other skills that can be lifted with
the Daevanion is these straps. By the way these straps do a…
large amounts of damage, and the class in general does large
amounts of damage. In terms of PvE, I suppose
that when… the time comes to be released
in Europe as well with 7.0 It’s gonna definitely be in the
top three DPSs in terms of PvE. In terms of PvP is going to be
super viable. Either as a DPS, but remember
it is a mid-range DPS, or as kind of an utility class, because if you take a look at this, I have this skill here that if I
cast it, as an utility Painter… the “Granker” is petrified. During the petrification, everyone else can attack this
“Granker”, right? So it’s not like he’s immune to anything. Yeah, his values are a little bit… higher in terms of physical defense
and magical defense. However, he is still attackable! And that is really really different, that is really new in Aion,
never seen before. Like a CC… Well, okay! You can attack through stun. But I’m just saying, stun can be…
you know, what I’m saying… can be removed shock. If you play this wisely, the petrification is a petrification.
And that’s what it is! So I’m just seeing like a scenario
when there’s like an utility painter in the group
for a 6-man PvP, and he just like constantly petrifies
the cleric until the cleric is dead. Or just petrifies this cleric
for like the duration, which is quite long as you see, until other people focus on other classes. Of course, this is called… This is considered as a cast. So if you pop a pot then the
cast is removed. If you get silenced, interrupted, stunned,
etc, etc, the cast is removed. There’s another petrification on
the remove shock, for example, through which you can just attack
simply as simple as that. So they have access to some
cool things. Yeah? I’m not saying the class is
going to be OP, because it’s not going to be OP. The class requires quite a lot of practice in order to learn exactly how to do right. It is a completely new class that
doesn’t play like other classes, just because of the many straps,
and just because of the mid-range, then just because is cloth
with physical stats and it’s also mid-range a little bit
more squishy because it doesn’t have so much access
to so many defensive cooldowns. Or cooldowns that prevent it,
let’s say, complete damage. Because of that is gonna
take some time. I don’t think it’s going to be as OP as the bard was when it was released. Other than these skills, obviously.
In terms of DP skills. You have 30 seconds of attack speed
increase by 30%, and also crit strike by almost 2.000, physical attack by almost 500. So that is a very good DP skill,
on a 1 minute cooldown. So you know, you enter with 4k… You pop a jelly, and then
you pop a 2k jelly and you already have this skill to
four-five times, you understand. So 5 times multiplied by 30 seconds that is already 2 minutes
and a half of combat. We have 500 more attack,
2k more crit, and 30% more attack speed, just in case you’re missing
the red transformation. This is really nice skill. Stuns the target for 10 seconds
without dealing any damage. This is a 4k DP skill on a
10 minute cooldown. So, you know, this goes like
you stun the target… Where’s my target? You stun it,
and then you’re recalling. And that’s it.
You stand and you run away. That’s one use for this skill.
I’m joking, of course. But just saying it is a pretty cool skill
to use very very occasionally. Not that impactful in my opinion. Yeah? Cool, other than that one… Blink that can be used twice.
Nothing spectacular. With a cast time, that is pretty
annoying to cast. Rest is absolute paint boys! It’s a paint madness!! And… Besides the skills that I showed
to you, besides the tethers, that is obviously a lot of paint
to be had, yeah? Almost every other skill looks like
something that you would throw out of a… out of a paint bucket. And that’s about it, in terms of skills. In terms of stigmas guys.
Where’s my stigmas? In terms of… stigmas they have this… “strap” kind of build. And they also have the paint build, right? If you go for the strap build you get
this as a vision stigma. If you go for… I can… actually
I’m going to show you right away. If you go for the paint build, then you
get the paint monster as a stigma built. I highly doubt that people are going
to use this in PvP but… Yeah… Who knows?
I might get surprised. This is the paint monster, if you go for
the other version, yeah? Cool! There is another stigma build
which I cannot show you. Obviously there’s 3 vision stigmas, right? I cannot show because I
don’t have the stigmas. But all of the stigmas, you
know, they just kinda let it go towards one specific area In terms of green stigmas. You have some pretty nice green
stigmas, like for example this one, 50% less damage for 8 seconds,
increases Bind resistant by 1k, on a 1 minute and a half cooldown.
If enchanted the CD goes away. The “Life Strap”. This is
another very very nice skill. Of course works better in PvE
then it works in PvP. It’s this bind which the more damage
you do the more you heal. It heals ten percent for my damage. So right now I should be healing 1.8k, every single half a second when
this skill pops. So it’s a pretty cool skill, right? And of course with petrification also
comes skills that do more damage, to the target when it’s petrified
like this one for example. Another very interesting skill if I could
go to a mob and show you, is a skill that… kinda reminds me always
that this class is a physical DPS class because you know you think
about it It wears light, you automatically assume that it is
actually a magical class. And you automatically assume that it
plays a little bit like a caster. Which it does play a little bit like the
caster. All of these are actually casts. However, there are skills that… kinda
take your mind away in that sense. An ambush… 15 meters and then after the
ambush there is a powerful attack, and then after the attack there’s
a dash backwards, yeah? Kind of… makes you think that: “hey
this is actually kind of also physical, kind of also like a sin, kind
of also like a melee class”. And that’s everything I really wanted
to say about this class, guys. I don’t believe that when it comes out
for us in the West it’s going to be OP. I don’t believe it’s going to feel OP. Obviously as you well know guys,
with gear, everything is OP! So if you’re gonna meet a Painter
with a lot of gear, then that Painter is gonna feel very OP. But it’s not necessarily because
of the class. The class takes some time to learn. In terms of learning the class, I would actually put this class
somewhere in the top half in terms of Aion classes. How much time it needs to be learned fully? How much practice it needs to be done? To do good in PvP, in PVE
and so on and so forth. So I approve this class.
I don’t think it has any… skill that: “Oh my God that class.
I just cannot beat that”. Yeah, it feels really good! But it takes some time to practice. Even for the basics, yeah? I highly recommend that you guys,
when it comes out would try it. because it is very interesting
at least as an alt, so you know how to counter it
with your main. It is very pleasant to play.
Very interesting to play. A very nice experience. A completely new experience,
compared to every other class in… current Aion, yeah? And that’s about it guys. I wish
you a lot of love as always. I will see you soon. And thank
you so much for watching.

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