Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation, and one of the twelve Olympians of the Greek pantheon. It is one of the most important deities of the Greek mythology, which for centuries has been a muse and a source of inspiration of countless artists. Its name comes from the Greek term “aphrós”, which means foam. According to one of the myths older and more widespread than there is, it is said that the Titan Cronos, after starting The genitals of his father Uranus, he threw them into the sea. From his seed Aphrodite was born in Paphos, Cyprus, already adult and of unparalleled beauty. Far from what many believe, she often appears portrayed as a vain, bad temper and easy to offend. Probably that’s why his life was full of passions, infidelities and loving revenges. His captivating nature made her a very revered goddess. Proof of that is his role in innumerable myths. One of them tells that due to his extraordinary beauty, Zeus was afraid of causing rivalries between the other gods, because everyone wanted to possess it. That’s why he married her with Hephaestus, god of blacksmiths, fire and forge, which unlike other deities He was ugly, crippled and lame. Although he presented her with beautiful jewelry made by himself, Aphrodite was not happy by his side That’s why he ended up having numerous lovers, both gods and humans, being unfaithful from the start But if there was one for which he had a special weakness, that was Ares, God of War. While Hephaestus worked in the forge, Ares visited her clandestinely. Nevertheless there was someone capable of ruining his happiness: Helios, the personification of the Sun, who contemplate everything from the sky. Not to be discovered, Ares always carried with him a young man named Alectrión, who he sent sentry in the goddess’s palace. But one day he fell asleep while watching, and could not warn of the appearance of Helios. The Sun, after seeing Aphrodite with her lover on the bed, he appeared before Hephaestus and told him everything. As punishment, Ares converted to Alectrión en gallo, making him sing every time the sun appears. After learning, Hephaestus felt deeply betrayed, and set a trap to discover them and humiliate his wife. In his forge he wove a web of gold threads, so fine that they did not see, but at the same time very resistant. He placed the net on the bed, and told Aphrodite who would go on a trip. Ares took advantage of this absence to visit her, but when but when they entered the bedroom, the net fell on them and caught them. After witnessing the scene, After witnessing the scene, Hephaestus summoned all the gods to be witnesses of his wife’s infidelity. Everyone laughed at them, and Hephaestus demanded the return of his marriage dowry. it was Poseidon who interceded in favor of the lovers offering to compensate him, thus get the sympathy of Aphrodite. The two were released, but forced to separate Although even that was not enough to prevent their encounters, from those born several children, fruit of love and war: Phobos, Deimos, Adrestia, Anteros, Harmonía and Eros. Aphrodite is also one of the main figures of the Trojan War as a participant in the Judgment of Paris, trigger of the war itself and one of the most famous episodes of Greek mythology, known as “the apple of discord.” Peleo and Tetis, future parents of Achilles, married and invited a large number of Gods and mortals to their wedding. But they forgot about Eris, goddess of discord, who got angry before that contempt. He performed at the ceremony and threw a golden apple during the banquet with a message that said: “for the most beautiful”. This caused three of those present: Hera, Athena and Aphrodite herself. Nobody dared to choose between them, and although Zeus had to be the judge, he did not want to make an enemy with any. So he gave his role to Paris, son of the king of Troy. The three goddesses began to make promises in exchange for getting her favor: Athena proposed wisdom and glory, Hera offered him a kingdom. When his turn came, Aphrodite promised to Helena of Sparta, the most beautiful mortal. Paris, seduced by the idea, finally chose her, proclaiming her the most beautiful goddess. This unleashed the fury of Hera and Athena, that would later take advantage of Helena’s abduction to provoke the Trojan War. As you can see, Aphrodite is one of the goddesses who has aroused the most passions throughout history That is why it is present in a lot of fables, such as Eros and Psyche Would you like us to tell you this or other myths? Leave us in the comments your proposals, and remember to be cautious with the goddess of love… She can turn against you.

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