Abstract Painter, Niam Jain

Abstract Painter, Niam Jain

– Most parents worry about how their kids will make a living, especially these days. I have plenty of
friends who are still living off
their parents. – Me, too, and having a child with a disability can present a unique set of concerns about how they will
financially support themselves, later in life. – But Niam Jain’s parents are less worried about his future, now that he has found painting as a passion,
and a profession. Niam, who is a 14 year old living with autism, doesn’t communicate verbally very much, but he does say
a lot through his abstract paintings. – He’s incredibly talented, and has painted dozens of original works, most of which his mom, Nina,
has sold online. – But of course they’ve kept a few for the family, and, in a moment, you will understand why. I met up with Niam and Nina at their studio to learn more about Niam’s process, and why art has played such a pivotal role in his young life. – Niam, this
one over here? – No. – This one? – Yeah. (techno music) – Niam Jain knows exactly what he wants to do when he’s in the studio painting. And he isn’t shy
telling his mom slash assistant what that might be. Nina explains to
us how her son found his passion for the art form. – It was actually
by accident. We gave him some canvas, we gave him some paints, and he started
creating these beautiful, beautiful
paintings. And as he was making the paintings, he was, you know, pointing to pictures, and places that he’s been, and then showing me that this is the painting. And that’s when I realized that each of these paintings were a multiple of expressions and feelings of something that he’s seen, or something that he’s felt, and that’s how we realized that the paintings were
an expression and an outlet of what he’s feeling. – Communicating
and expressing himself through his art has become incredibly important for Niam, because he’s primarily non-verbal. Nina went on to explain the complexity of his art, and the depth of his expressions. – When you look at Niam’s paintings, and you look at all the different layers, because he leaves pieces of layers that you can be engrossed in the painting, and look for those layers, they’re all telling a story. So, you’re having a conversation with Niam. – One of the people having a conversation with Niam, through his art, is avid art collector
Andy Cumming. Andy has purchased two of Niam’s original pieces, and was happy to share his thoughts on the work. – They’re just visually compelling, I know that’s the first thing that hits you. And then you start to analyze, well, what’s visually compelling about it? Why is this not
a child’s art? I mean that’s the thing that’s shocking about him, is for a lad of his age to be able to generate these paintings which are, they just feel mature, you know, they’re kind of ageless. It’s hard to tell, by looking at them, and I just do know that these paintings, for me, have punch, it’s saying something, but I just don’t know exactly what. – Andy got up close with his favorite piece to describe
its qualities. – He’s using a multitude of colors, colors that you might not normally think were complementary to one another, but he does it in a way, through his compositions. There’s microscopic details here, and there’s so
much texture. There’s a lot of depth to this, there’s
a lot of relief in the application
of the paint. So, anyway, I
just love it. – Niam can spend a lot of time on just one piece. But, Nina always knows when he’s complete. – As soon as he says it’s beautiful, he’s saying that he’s done, it’s finished, and he’ll a lot of times ask me, is it beautiful? Because he wants
reassurance. – It’s beautiful. – I agree, it’s amazing. Aside from all the success he’s had with painting, the biggest
impact can be seen with Niam’s personal transformation. – He’s a different boy, you know, he’s calmer, he’s happier, and he has something that’s his,
and he’s proud. – The impact has obviously been huge for Niam, but it’s also been tremendous for
his parents. – It’s like winning a lottery ticket, you know, that’s
how I feel, because, you know,
it’s a dream. When you have a child with a degree of autism that Niam has, you wonder what’s his future, what’s going to
happen tomorrow, what’s going to happen when I’m not here? And now he has something, and I can rest to know that when he can earn a living, the second that when he wakes up he’s happy, and he has a
reason to get up. – Why do you
like to paint? – Keeps me happy. – Yeah? (laughs) – Keeps me happy,
I love that. And the description of Niam’s art
really helped me picture the colors and the textures he uses. – He certainly is a talented young man. Nina was telling me that other professional artists have been trying to figure out Niam’s techniques to try and
replicate his style. But, his parents
have tried to keep it a secret for obvious reasons. – And art actually isn’t his only passion, he also loves modeling and music, specifically
and exclusively the New Wave Rock genre. – Hey, you’ve
got to appreciate a guy who knows
what he likes. Niam’s family hopes to host an exhibition of Niam’s latest work soon, the trick, however, is stockpiling paintings, which is difficult because they’re in such high demand. – To learn more about Niam and his art, you can visit his website: niamjain.com That’s
N-I-A-M-J-A-I-N.com, and, if you’re lucky, you’ll get one of his masterpieces for
your own wall.

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