A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More “Touch Me” (Official Music Video)

A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More “Touch Me” (Official Music Video)

100 thoughts on “A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More “Touch Me” (Official Music Video)

  1. Pete is a "Vegetarian vampire" I love it

  2. I've watched this twice and I still dont get it, especially the ending

  3. God I used to read Peterick fanfiction based off this music video 😂

  4. I need more Pete being an edgy vampire

  5. And to think i was defending them when people call them emo

  6. You
    Tell me
    Like Sk8er boi
    By Avril Leiveghne


  8. why tf do brendon and pete look so hot as vampires

  9. It will forever haunt me that I'll never know what happens next in this mv 🙁

  10. 3:41 you can just tell it’s Brendon on the left by the way he’s walking and dancing around 😂😂

  11. Patrick may be the front man, but Pete is always the star of their videos.

    Well, at least Pat got a kinky vampire conversion threesome.

  12. Pete in this kinda reminds me of Simon from the Mortal Instruments

  13. Tbh Pete was my first emo crush.

  14. That would be so cool to be a vampire that is a vampire hunter!

  15. Im not gonna lie, this video kick started my puberty


  17. 2019 👆🏼🙈🎧🎼

  18. vortex point

  19. Vampire Pete makes me weak ❤

  20. I'm not going to stop commenting until you people start noticing William Beckett and Mike Carden in this. Thank you.

  21. William Beckett dandie vampire ugh still in love 😍

  22. is it just me or does he look like seth rogen on freeks and geeks lmao

  23. This music video is just one big emo mess

  24. I love Andy's voice. He looks so tough but when he talks he sounds like a 3 year old who got caught eating candy when they weren't supposed to

  25. Who would win in a fight between Pete Wentz and Brendon Urie?


  27. pete wentz has joined my chemical romance

  28. only 72k likes for this masterpiece. i bet all 13 million of the viewers were just jealous that pete’s a hotter vampire than edward.

  29. This comment section is just 😂 👌

    *punches vampire

  31. Did I see a Brendon

  32. friend: sis, there's tea
    me: 5:43

  33. 2019 anyone?

  34. yeet

  35. 2019?;)

  36. Blue exorcist be like

  37. Patrick no!

  38. Supernatrual fall out boy style

  39. Comes back here in September 2019 to find Brendon Urie.

  40. Y'all I've got a random question but is Pete a good bassist? Like I would by nature say yes because I love Pete but I don't know jack shit about bass and I want to know from like anyone who happens to know about this shit, is Pete a good bassist?

  41. 3:01
    vampire abilities on: whOoOoOo

  42. *sees YBC first
    *sees this
    Is this a joke?

  43. This gives me Buffy The Vampire Slayer vibes. Skjsskk

  44. I’d pay good money to see an actual movie made about this

  45. Haven’t heard this song since middle school

  46. patricks not wearing… patricks not wearing!… PATRICKS NOT WEARING HIS FEDORA!!!

  47. If you're a bassist and you don't have the same bouncing-off-the-walls energy as Pete Wentz, then are you really a bassist? Looking at you, Davie504.

  48. Is it just me, or is the leader vampire hot?

    Just me? Ok

  49. Why didn't they continue this? The end left me needing to see more

  50. This bring back memories when I was in elementary school and would see this on MTV.

  51. "Call yourselves hunters"

    throws self off cliff


  52. is it just me, or did they ruin Pete? I'm not in to vampiers.

  53. But…Gerard said that vampires would never hurt me…

  54. 2019 Anyone? Anyone?

  55. Were….were those super metroid boss shrieks ?

  56. First minute plays

    Me: iS tHiS a SuPeRnAtUrAl EpIsOdE?!

  57. cAn I have patrick stump asmr plz

  58. Brendon Urie strutting behind Willian Beckett is a mood! ❤️❤️

  59. I'd like to know what kind of music video director, heard the lyrics "Kiss her, kiss her." And thought; "oh….i know…. Vampires forcing another vampire to kiss a mortal. Genius"

  60. If you're having a bad day, just remember that in Airbud some dude got replaced by a golden retriever.

  61. this video is so characteristic of FOB in that time (2006), and is so
    ridiculous and cringey and I love every part of it

  62. Nobody:
    Security when people stage dive at gigs: 5:58

  63. When In doubt
    if bored
    always watch a old FOB music video
    Because it’s just as good as a movie

  64. i'm pretty sure this is an episode of Buffy the vampire slayer

  65. Can we take a moment to appreciate just how good William Beckett and Brendon Urie look as vampires

  66. "you call yourselves hunters?"
    Yeets down a cliff

  67. I feel like every fob song mv has Brendon in it

  68. Every band has one member that is more emo then the rest and I think it’s the one with the sideburns and the glasses


  70. 映画かと思った(´・ω・`)

  71. Someone knows what is the name Brandon's outfit?

  72. This vampire war still better than twilight's

  73. NOW I remember the time I fell in love with Pete…

  74. It’s bugging me that I can’t remember the name of the song that plays at the beginning of the video

  75. 1:13 Vegbal juice
    (i am questioning my existance and if i get likes on this dumb comment or not)

  76. I used to love watching this when I was maybe 11. Still an emo kid at heart ❤️

  77. I thought vampires would never hurt you
    Gerard explain!

  78. Someone who knows the songs at 0:47?

  79. I can’t believe this video came out 2005. And no, I’m not talking about when it was published in YouTube! I’m talking about when it was published on MTV and Fuse. Only those old enough will know what I’m talking about.

  80. Damn! Did you see that flip phone?!! First iPhone wasn’t even out when this video was made. That’s how ancient this is!

  81. bro i’m focused of william and travis

  82. William Beckett looks amazing!

  83. 3:42 Brendon did that weir sidestep, it was awkward and funny

  84. Fun fact: William Beckett's vampire followers are called Dandies. Spencer and Brendon were officially Dandies.

  85. Why is there some Portuguese sentences ? 😂

  86. Fall Out Boy
    Best song names, and best music videos.

    Also, this reminds me of Supernatural.

  87. Brendon was one of those hypnotizing the women right?

  88. I sET mY CLocKs EarLy ‘CaUsE yoU KnOw I’m AlwAyS LAtE

  89. This is my favorite Fall Out Boy music video


  91. Pete is me to my parents at 13 years old

  92. I rember when i thought this was gonna be a movie……

  93. i'm so glad this video is in hd. ive needed this for SO long.

  94. To all those who wrote fanfic about this back in the day…

    Come back!

  95. Brendon urieee what is doing there?!!!!!! 😍😍😍

  96. I just screamed "NO PETE, DONT KILL BRENDON" at full volume

  97. everyone: brendon or pete
    me: william,,,,,

  98. Hi Brendon!

  99. It got funnier when I started imagining Brendon in his costume from “It’s Almost Halloween”

  100. 10 ans déjà !

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