A Jewish family in early New York

A Jewish family in early New York

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  1. lovely <3

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  3. I like! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  4. Interesting and worthwhile video. During the Revolutionary War and during the early years of the Republic, there was a selected group of distinguished citizens that were signers of the printed currency, which typically required two signatures. There were at least two Jews that were in this select group, and one was surnamed Levy. The currency bearing his signature are considered scarce.

  5. 3rd grade utility art of the day; still, interesting historical documents nonetheless.

  6. Vague historian I know a French monk Sephardic Jew Ashkenazi but what is a Jew

  7. Please don’t become “social justice art.” This is not good art. 😟

  8. Thanks Smarthistory for showing me some insight into a cultural area of US history I knew nothing about. You guys are great.

  9. Let me guess without even watching the first second. Oyyyy veeey, ve were persecuted!!!

  10. what I find particularly interesting is .. now what's the word erm .. the slight 'primitivism or outsiderartishness' in the style .. which lends an unique and considerable charm quite absent from the more 'sophisticated' English portraitists of the period.

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