A Good Artist Can Use Any Brush

A Good Artist Can Use Any Brush

41 thoughts on “A Good Artist Can Use Any Brush

  1. A Gary Vee can make any content interesting!! 🤩

  2. Thanks you so much Gary VEEEEEE you’re the best because of you’re free advice and knowledge I started my own podcast on YouTube and it amazing 💜💜💜💜💜

  3. Being rude and mean isn't okay. Idk why I have to tell grown adults this.

    When you do this you're showing your true colors, you're showing how insecure you are and how bitter you are.

    I promise you rude people age way faster than people who are kind, this is a documented fact.

  4. Just produce your best work and people will eventually like it

  5. Thanks you so much Gary VEEEEEE you’re the best because of you’re free advice and knowledge I started my own podcast on YouTube and it amazing ❤️🧡❤️🧡❤️

  6. I am multitalented, I have all the brushes and can create masterpieces. But ironically, I am stuck in bad luck….. had an extremely rough patch in life and now when I opened my eyes, I realized I am about to be 40 and haven’t achieved anything. Have next to no experience to show on my CV. And nobody gives me a chance. Devastated

  7. Oh boy, that guy has to read his questions. Noob. Lostinhospitality.com

  8. legendary.

  9. Do what you can with what you have, wherever you are. (With some exceptions of course)

    Chance the Rapper made better music when he had less access to better studios. Still love him though.

  10. Hey Gary I’ve been using Tik Tok and # you I’m wondering if you have any ways to use #to my advantage, if you could check out my TIKTOK @godzdevil and give some feedback that would be great

  11. Love your vids keep it up!!!!

  12. Thank you Gary 💙

  13. This is what you need to hear when you are thinking about Stepping into the world of photos and film making or even podcasting! No matter the area you are in. As a hobby or as a career!

    Just be you and do you! Don't worry about those that are in the same area or filed as you! If you are good or know a lot about what you are doing and learning at the same time. Knowing is everything! Then the people will come to you!  The more insight you give the better!

  14. King Gary!!
    Thank you for the upload and thank your team Gary!!

  15. BOOM

  16. As an artist that paints for a living the one thing I’ve attributed to eventually making sales and being successful is projecting out into the world that I’m about art. Not my art but art in general. That meant helping other artists, helping my community with art projects, and talking about art in a real life away that was accessible to the blue collar non art degree individual. What happened later was people trusting me to create art for them, or buy my art without asking for discounts. It led to organizations and whole city governments coming to me first for art related projects or advice. That’s true branding. The sales came on their own.

  17. Dude doesnt under stand. It's just like how Joe Rogan thought his 1m followers on IG didn't make him money when that's just not true. That all drives traffic back to his podcast which is his main thing now. Making him money… 😎

  18. I wonder what Gary Vee thinks about aliens 👽

  19. i LOVE the video title.. It is so true.. You don't need the most amazing equipment to make art.. You just need to start..

    This man Gary has totally transformed my life with his ideas..i have started producing the kind of content i love because of him!! 💙🙏

  20. Anyone else see the Bob Ross influence in that thumbnail? 😆👊🏻

  21. Who was that guy? Was he wearing his brown pants?

  22. Getting your arms toned and strengthend. Bigfer triceps that. Sweet fitting ur sleeves

  23. 💚💚💚

  24. As an artist myself, this could never be more true.

  25. This video makes me happy on so many levels. As an OG lover of hip hop it makes me smile to see G so plugged into the greatest flow of music.♥️😎

  26. Execution on your dreams!! Gary you changed my perspective on marketing = building a relationship! It comes down to building an empire brick by brick

  27. A great point on the MLK speech not being ion color.

  28. Yeah but why make it more difficult by using crappy brushes yeet

  29. Definitely one of the most impactful videos I've seen from you GV

  30. i wonder if someday they will be able to make martin luther kings speech high def the same way they can turn old black and white film to color through various techniques… i would imagine making something higher resolution would be more difficult than color but i dont know the tech behind it

  31. The interviewer made me cringe.

  32. What'd you think of the expo today? lol

  33. The story and what you say is what keeps people coming back for more, not always the video production

    Overthinking or romanticizing the content hinders you from consistently executing. It’s insecurity and trying to be perfect. Create, post, move onto the next piece.

  34. Also super stoked that 2019 is almost over and Gary vee has inspired so many people.

  35. One of the best speeches ever was not in colour. Never forget that

  36. Gary!!!

  37. Really asking myself if we deserve Gary Vee Lool. Amazing…

  38. If you are pursuing your passion and wanting to bring value to people, then "sales" isn't your motivation. Your passion is. If people sense that you are motivated by sales, then they will drop you like a hot potato. Follow your passion, folks, and the rest will come organically.

  39. “MLK shit was not in color or in HD”✨✨✨

  40. Facts

  41. Amen! This is confirmation for what I’m already moving forward in and what God placed on my heart 🙏🏿😭

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