7 Signs You’re a Highly Creative Soul

7 Signs You’re a Highly Creative Soul

[Intro] Have you ever felt
out of place in this world or feel like you never
truly belonged anywhere? Do people usually think
you are odd, eccentric, or describe you as
having the head in the clouds? Don’t worry. This doesn’t mean
they’re insulting you. In fact, take it as a compliment. If you’re identified with any of any traits, it means you are creative. To understand your mysterious
talents and elusive nature, here are 7 signs you’re a highly creative soul. 1. People often call you playful. Playfulness is a trait
that is usually looked down upon because people associate it
with immaturity and unreliability. But did you know that there are actually many benefits
to being playful? It turns out that those who are playful get better grades in school,
can handle stress better, and are more motivated in life. According to a study, those who have a playful nature
are naturally more creative, because they can easily change perspectives. This allows them to be
effective problem solvers as they stumble upon
unusual and novel solutions. So the next time someone founds
upon your childlike behavior, remember that
your mental flexibility is a strength that helps you overcome challenges
while letting you have some fun. 2. You’re a night owl. Do you often stay up late? According to the research
published in the journal personality and individual differences, it turns out that those are night owls
tend to find more creative solutions. In fact, night owls scored higher on three creativity tests
than early birds. Experts believed that
the reason behind this, is because their unconventional
schedule and habits may encourage them to find alternative, and out-of-the-box solutions. So the next time your parents
tell you to go to bed early, tell them that
you’re just being creative. 3. You get distracted easily. It turns out that sometimes, too much focus can distract
you from being creative. In stead of concentrating too much
on one specific part of a picture, creative souls tend to drift
here and there, exploring different options and ideas. Researchers also discovered that creative achievement is associated
with one’s inability to filter out sensory information. So if you’re sensitive to
constant tapping, loud chewing, talking or outside noises in general, it’s because your brain
has trouble ignoring them. Although this sounds like a nuisance when you want to get things done, the upside is that
you’re prone to being innovative. 4. You’re neurotic. Do you feel often stressed out
or worried more easily than others? The good news is that your neuroticism makes you more creative! Although the anxiety you experience can make you unhappy on a daily basis, According to research, the part of your brain
that is highly active in your neurotic individuals, is also responsible
for self-generated thoughts. While neuroscientists don’t
understand the direct link between neuroticism and creativity, They believe that
the active part that triggers neuroticism, is also related to our imagination. 5. You’re good at coming up
with lies, stories, and excuses. Sounds crazy
and a bit over the top, right? But according to a study done by Professor Gino Francesca
at Harvard Business School, and author Dan Ariely who wrote “The (Honest) Truth about Dishonesty”, there was a correlation between
dishonesty and creativity. This is not to say that
every creative person prefers to lie, cheat or steal. But it’s because their active imagination that makes them superb storytellers. Francesca and Ariely state that creative people
subconsciously convinced themselves that their actions are justified. Interestingly enough though, creative people usually don’t believe
that they are dishonest. Because their imagination convinces them that what they think is real. 6. You have a messy room
and work environment. This doesn’t mean a gross workplace
that is unpleasant to be in. But one study
published in sage journals, shows that disorganized
desk and environment can promote creativity. Researchers conducted three experiments to see how messy rooms
affect people’s creativity. They concluded that
disorderly environments can inspire the individual
to break free from tradition, which encourages them
to produce novel ideas. Organized environments however, influence people to play at safe, take less risks,
and think inside the box. 7. You enjoy talking to people
from all walks of life. Creative individuals aren’t afraid
to go out and meet people who can give them new ideas,
and refreshing perspectives. They like to be experimental, and welcome things
that are less traditional. This makes them resilient as they have
a high tolerance for failure, if it means embracing
exciting new experiences in exchange. To boost your creativity, we’d recommend that
you talk to people who challenge what you think you know. Which of these signs
do you most resonate with? Comment them below
and if you feel they’re accurate.

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  1. Happy Sunday to all you creative people out there! The world would be a dull and boring place without quirky minds like yours.

    Have you been enjoying our frequent uploads this week? We have a lot of exciting new things coming up for the channel in the future! Thanks again for all your ongoing support <3

  2. All of them. Every point is spot on related to me 😊

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  5. My most related is I pay attention to detail

  6. Let's get creative!
    sorry not sorry

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  9. Woah, all are true.. except maybe the last one. I mean, I'm just a bit of an introvert I guess.. I try talking to people though.Great video!

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  15. I day dream all day, like, *ALL DAY*. I want to be a writer one day becouse i have a lot of stories that i make up during math class 🙂


  17. I try to go to bed early but then I lay in bed for an hour coming up with characters and stories for them.

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    "M O M I M B E I N G C R E A T I V E"

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    Wow…I have that special skill lol

  29. Wow, I am really creative no wonder I am an artsy student in class and only one who could could animate in class neatly

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    Like I don’t like cleaning my room
    And it’s 2:23 am in the morning why am I up still

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  48. I get distracted very easily, am childlike, and my room does get messy, but I do tidy up here and there, though I don't feel creative. Well, not anymore, and I hate it. DX

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  50. 0:43–0:48. What the hell. Studies doesn't define your intelligence.
    "Better grades. You know you mostly talked about studied when it came to using our minds.
    A very narrow perspective and thought. Studies don't define our creativity.
    This is wrong video. The last thing you said doesn't make any sense.
    They have mess in their room because they don't want to waste their time in uncreative stuff and don't want to break their line of thoughts

    That's why.

  51. When they said "enjoy talking to people" I remembered… I have social anxiety ;-; 😅

  52. People call me playful and cute at least that's what others say.
    I don't like being a night owl it makes me anxious and sometimes makes me cry idk why.
    I don't get distracted easily but I do day dream when I'm bored and really hate annoying sounds.
    No… I don't think so.
    Ooof so true.
    No I keep things organised cause if things are messy it's distracting.
    I like the opinions of others it's interesting

  53. I am in this video and i dont like it but it actually makes me happy to realize all my "bad habits" are atleast related to my passion so thats good i guess

  54. >clean your flat because it helps alleviate depression
    >messy environments stimulate creativity

    Which one is it???

  55. I thought I wasn't creative all along and that my art insta page is growing for no reason but goddamn I have all the 7 signs and now I'm starting to wonder.

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    Messy room √
    Always in the cloud √
    Childish √(comments from friends

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  67. Night owl is effective only when someone is more productive

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  69. #1. You are essentially Luna Lovegood

  70. #3 is also one of the big reasons that people with ADD/ADHD tend to be more creative

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  77. I'm 5/7

    • Playful
    • Night owl
    • Distracted
    • Messy
    • Enjoy talking to People

  78. No, I don’t feel out of place because it’s called DAYDREAMING and I don’t freaking care.

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  82. I'm kinda highly creative.

  83. I'm 2,3,4,5,6

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    Me (after watching): I'M FOOKING NONE OF THESE!!!!!😞😞😞

  85. I’m pretty much all these signs except for talking to people. I like to stay in my house and draw, watch YouTube and write stories

  86. Video: Contains a fragment of information that can help you find yourself and see your life in a different prospective

    Me after watching video: What

  87. 'Those who are playful often get better grades-' yeahh.. That's not true at all.

  88. Im a writter. A i can tell U its honest true. There is no one on thiz world who is messier than i am 😀 Also Im like an owl. The only diffrence is i like quiet. So quiet. I mean..I cannot focus when is loudy. But when im no busy at work my saturday r so Loud so unvaliable crazy. I can visit two diffrent town is one night. Or when have 2 weeks off can even travel 4,5 difffrent countries 😀 that is craziest

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  97. I have most of this signs and I am actually aware that I’m highly creative thanks to my hyperactive imagination that just gives me countless ideas for stories. Sadly, because of my 'tend to get distracted' perk I can’t focus on one story and drift to another story. My struggles as a Wattpad writer

  98. I’m more musical creative during the night.

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  100. with iq you can learn fast.
    with creativity you can change the world.

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