7 Notes Music Challenge – by Serj Tankian (CCOO2)

7 Notes Music Challenge – by Serj Tankian (CCOO2)

A lot of people ask me where music comes from, where songs come from. I always firmly believe that they come from collective consciousness. That they don’t necessarily reside within an artist. Every song begins with an idea, a concept, or a sound. The challenge is simple. You got these 7 notes that you have to start with. So your first seven notes of your composition have to be these 7 notes. You can make a jazz song, a rock song, a symphony. Whatever type of music that you want. It can’t be longer than 3 minutes. The rest is up to you. I’m Serj Tankian and this is my challenge: I give you 7 notes. You give me your best.

34 thoughts on “7 Notes Music Challenge – by Serj Tankian (CCOO2)

  1. Serj,You have to be crazy … it is very difficult but not impossible

  2. 3 minutes symphony? Should have really short movements tho

  3. Gonna give it a shot!

  4. flake is still your best song

  5. Do those first seven notes have to be in that specific order?

  6. Is the rhythm of these 7 notes important?

  7. @CreativeArmenia @Serj Tankian — What about the rhythmic value of the notes? They are all written as quarter notes, but do not play back that way in this video. Thank you.

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  9. Do I need to write Lyrics as well?

  10. I have to use only these notes? Or as far as these are in, I can also use different ones?

  11. I'm really not good at translating visual notes like these to let's say guitar tab with numbers , can someone help out please?

  12. O Ganhador leva 5.000$
    Infelizmente não sei compor música

  13. can it be in different octaves?

  14. Cool! You can count on me! I'm gonna give it a shot. 🙂

  15. if i have an intro,which is an FX-ed 3-4 sec. part of my song,will it count as the first notes?

  16. when the contest ends

  17. are we allowed to use the notes in chords?

  18. I follow the rules but in some parts I use the 7 notes to make the harmony of the song, is it a problem?

  19. If I added lyrics to the song, does the 7 note rule apply to the singer's lyrics or can the singer sing at any pitch he/she wants?

  20. Do those first seven notes have to appear as single notes? or can they appear as notes within a harmony or a chord?

  21. How can i send my song

  22. i love how he raises his eyebrows and grins and does all those awesome faces lol

  23. Can I use other notes or am I restricted to the 7 notes for the whole song?

  24. Դեկտեմբերի 15ը ներառյա՞լ կարող ենք ուղարկել, թե՞ մինչև 15ը արդեն պետք է ուղարկած լինենք

  25. i cannot read music.. can someone pls tell me what notes are these?

  26. Can i submit rock/metal song? And also a classical one? Or is it one submission per person

  27. Հարգելի Creative Armenia և պրն. Թանկյան, կուզեի իմանալ՝ առաջին 7 նոտաները պարտադիր պիտի միայնակ (սոլո) լինե՞ն, թե, ասենք դաշնամուրի դեպքում, կարող են ձախ ձեռքում որոշ ակորդների ուղեկցությամբ լինել:

  28. Thank you for the opportunity, loved the challenge and was quite happy with my personal entry <3 Good luck to everyone!

  29. Can we promote our song on YouTube and other social networks before the jury's final decision?

  30. hi ! how do we know when decisions have been made ?

  31. When will the results be available ?

  32. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGoBnMxSRQM

  33. System of a down is crap.

  34. The best song was AlternatiV's song😍😍😍

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