30 DAYS 30 WAYS: POP ART? | Watercolors // Knoel’s Nook

30 DAYS 30 WAYS: POP ART? | Watercolors // Knoel’s Nook

Hello everyone! It’s Knoel from Knoel’s Nook and I’m
back with my 30 Days 30 Ways series where every day we’ll paint or color the same
image in a different way every single day! First off, I do want to say, I don’t know
if this is considered true Pop Art. If someone knows the correct term for this
kind of painting, please let me know and thanks! Before filming, I lightly penciled in lines
to somewhat section off areas. To be honest, I didn’t know what I was doing,
but I thought it looked okay. I dampened the paper, which was completely
unnecessary and I don’t know why I did it because laying the colors straight from the
pan was definitely best for the outcome of this picture. Originally, I had planned only to use 4 colors:
pink, mint, blue, and purple. However I have a weird complex where I don’t
like the same colors sitting next to each other and ended up including orange and yellow
as well. In the back of my mind I kept thinking how
I was going to make a background. I opted for something simple so I mixed a
red violet shade, however I’m not crazy about it. What kind of background would you paint for
something like this? For not being extremely confident with this
type of art, I think my first attempt turned out all right! If you want to see more videos like this and
keep up with the 30 days 30 ways series, I would totally appreciate if you would subscribe
and remember to draw what you love and love what you draw!

2 thoughts on “30 DAYS 30 WAYS: POP ART? | Watercolors // Knoel’s Nook

  1. First 🙂

  2. holo there im back!the weirdo that shows up everytime like a creep…

    is it creepy? idk and to be honest idc

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