3 Tips to INSTANTLY Make Your Art Better

3 Tips to INSTANTLY Make Your Art Better

Hi guys, my name is Naomi And today we’re going to be looking at three things you can do right now to get your drawings looking that much better Let’s get to it Tip number one Relax your grip. You don’t want to be holding it so tight that you’re kind of restricting your movement You want to hold it gently not loosely where the pen’s just like flying around What you really want is to hold it in a relaxed weight You don’t really want to be controlling your pen that much but what you want to do is to let it just gently sit on your head while you firmly grip it without like squeezing the life out of your pen If you hold your pen in the right way you’re going to be able to move your arm a lot better and that’s gonna give you those lively movement filled strokes that’s gonna make your drawings way way better Makes you look like a pro Tip number two Be confident. I cannot stress this enough You want to make sure that your strokes are nice and complete. You don’t want your lines to be like chicken scratches you know like when a chicken’s scratching on the ground It’s just not pretty You like looking at nice long flowy lines And that is pretty much what’s gonna make your drawings look a lot better just by being consistent with your lines A really simple way to do this would be to think about the mark that you’re gonna have to make in the paper Take a deep breath and just do it. Just kind of make that stroke It’s okay if you make a mistake, we all make mistakes. If you consistently practice, it’s gonna get better in time Try to resist doing little lines to make one really long line Another way that you can get lines that are not super scratchy looking is to make sure that you are consciously thinking about what you’re putting down on the paper. It’s very important to think about what’s gonna go down the paper. Use your pen and kind of ghost over it. By ghosting, I mean like moving your arm over that segment that you want to draw without making a mark on the paper. And then when you finally feel confident enough make that mark in the paper. Take it to the finish line and you’re good Number three, take breaks at the right spaces. You’re gonna want to make sure that when you’re drawing you don’t stop your line at awkward places. You don’t leave line hanging You want to make sure that when you’re drawing, you’re not awkwardly stopping and breaking those lines. You want to find a good place where you can take line breaks I don’t think that term actually exists, but that sounds pretty good, line breaks. Here’s what I mean by that Imagine you kinda drawing hair or someone’s face and you kind of stop in awkward places It looks really weird. So what you want to do is think about the stroke you need to make and then make it be consistent with your line just follow through the line until you reach a good space where you can break it Alright guys, so here’s a really quick recap of what we’ve gone through today. Number one, relax your grip. Number two, be confident. Number three, take breaks at the right spaces. So comment below if you guys feel that these tips have been really helpful in helping you to improve your drawings And if you have tips and tricks that you like to share with other artists, like myself, feel free to comment below as well Also, it’s my first video guys! It’s finally happened after years of talking about it I’ve always wanted to create a channel that you know I wish I kind of had when I was starting out in art Welcome to my channel guys! Thank you for hanging out with me if you like this video Be sure to give it a thumbs up and if you haven’t already punched a subscribe button for more tips and tricks and art ventures with me or, just subscribe for the cats Yeah for the cats

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