2016 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits

2016 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits

2015 nother great NRA show Nashville beautiful city first morning tons of people a lot of great excitement thanks for having us out we're from Missouri I'm from Chicago Illinois we're from Walker Minnesota organ we are gone weekend we're looking forward to every minute day nine acres of guns check this out it's the great high-class group of people with the right intentions doing good things we've seen a lot of husband and wife's coming over buyers wanting to know about our products city is beautiful concert tomorrow literally rests with the artists around here grateful Pamela stop anytime checked our Second Amendment that's what we're here NRA for millions of average honest Americans we're moms and dads who want to live in safe neighborhoods send our kids to safe schools we're Republicans Democrats independents and none of the above where every color create faith and occupation we're Americans from every walk of life but we're united in our belief in the Second Amendment that keeps our families safe and our country free for vendors like myself making sure we have a place of employment places to employ other people fighting for the rights of individuals to enjoy the freedoms that our forefathers enjoyed and then hopefully my kids will enjoy later on a little hard sometimes for a father son to see I'll just hang out together I want it back in all of freedoms history there has never been an organization quite like the National Rifle Association of America no other people are so alert so vigilant so unafraid to take a stand and go out and fight for what's good and right we the people of the National Rifle Association represent the very best of America's strength and of America's character the NRA will not sit idly by as our nation faces sets great barrel no politician has the right to tell us that we don't have the right to protect ourselves we will not be silent we are freedom safest place we are the National Rifle Association of America we fight to defend freedom we will always stand and fight for what's right and we're here to take our country back this is our time we must lead the way and we must save our freedom that mission starts right now join with us today my name is Phil freckie than I am we will fight like hell to save America

20 thoughts on “2016 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits


  2. BEWARE OF bloomberg

  3. The Right Wing waves here! God bless our free America! Thank you Veterans!

  4. Save our freedom from the horrors of reduced gun violence?

  5. Why did the NRA disinvite the USCCA from the Atlanta convention, Are we not all on the same side. this is ridiculous to me. more options is better. poor decision on the NRA part.

  6. I am an NRA member and want to attend the 2017 convention in Atlanta. Do I buy tickets for it on the NRA website and when can I get them for next April's meeting?

  7. Just a few more days!!! I CANT WAIT!!!!!

  8. a well regulated militia?

  9. do you even know the second amendment?

  10. tons of OLD people

  11. When Hillary called me a terrorist I boosted my membership from endowment to patron.
    We then set-up a table at a local ammo sale and signed up 15 new members.
    Bring it on Hillary.

  12. im paying off my Life Membership

  13. Very nice eggsibits

  14. Part of our daughters birthday present when they turned 18 was membership into the NRA.

  15. In the word's of Charlton Heston from my cold dead hands.

  16. Five million members strong and grow folks.

  17. GREAT!

    Thanks for Including ME!!!

    "None Of The Above"

  18. Well done video

  19. Amen

  20. NRA all the way!!!

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