11 Writers: Advice to the Young

11 Writers: Advice to the Young

my advice for a young writer if you hang out with me I would have a lot of advice although I would feel somewhat embarrassed about giving advice to the young writer I I think the most important advice I have is to have fun that to try to create something that is fun to work on if you are having fun really fun not just kind of masturbatory fun but actually you've gotten in you've gotten something going that is just fun and fun in the sense of completely engaging fun like you're on a tennis court when you're on tennis court you're not just messing around you're not just like you know hitting the ball wherever you want you are focused on having a game and if you once you are in it you are having fun that's the kind of focused fun I'm talking about and if you are having that kind of focused fun there's a good chance that the reader will too you learn from models and you analyze them you study them you analyze them very closely so one thing at a time you don't just sort of read the paragraph and say oh then really flows you know that's good you say what kind of adjectives how many what kind of nouns how long are the sentences what's the rhythm you know you pick it apart and that's very helpful the talent is the only thing that you cannot really learn in writing you could learn all the tactics of writing you could learn all the schools different schools of writing but if you're not talented then you should not write it's much completed own thing some are simple answering it'll be daunting my job Amanda Audrey's obvious one heart is concert d'argo York is one two three possessions so Monica went through four oh one coin I don't they talked yourself out of it if you possibly can because you're probably not going to be very good at it your wife's probably not going to support you you're probably going to have a drinking problem you're probably going to be frustrated if you have any children at all and you'll probably never make a penny another thing I would say is to be very patient so in even patient with chaos you know you have this beginning and that beginning in that beginning and you're just worried and unhappy but I wouldn't I wouldn't worry too much I think it is a little chaotic it's not neat you don't start something and finish or their body or support you across many new secret pollutants in the bottle you are inhaling Tia scream scream ski the autism will predict a leak on Snell denoting obviously the rumbly the most unpleasant Asian lady they are natal reveal the ultimate monster– the fencing around a bag you are talented but you must know that the talent is not the end it is just the beginning and you must keep the writing as the most important thing in your life and whenever you feel that the writing is not the most important thing in your life you better you better stop writing because you will never make any difference writing if it works out is such a long shot the fact that I could have had a writing life for 46 47 years this is ridiculous and I've worked like a dog it's still ridiculous so find something better not to a young writers beginning writers no matter what language they are using this is a very important messages tried to ugly the 101 senses because it's easier to remember this sentence I tell them the secret writing is is write write write and write again and you will get it right yeah that's my universe or sort of advice to all writers yeah discretly toppled it in remastered identities deferred deferred maradona stairwell donna is so modest that the most hardened are in everything sonoma tallied it is complete if you can't find anything better if you try your best to target so far away then maybe you have the hint of a vocation when you put writing before any other thing when you prefer writing to to money to your friendship to all pleasures of life writing comes first not to believe it to be an artist don't to take himself seriously not to think that you are inspired you know that genius is a 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration when I was really young William Burroughs told me um I was wit really struggling we never had any money and and William the advice that William gave me was build a good name you know keep your name clean don't make compromises don't worry about making a bunch of money or being successful be concerned with doing good work and make the right choices and protect your work and if you build a good name eventually you know that name will be its own currency my advice to a young writer would be that he or she works with what he or she is made of and by that I mean that we should not be afraid of working with the things that fascinated us when we were at the most impressionable and it be music it might be comic books it might be a boy detective novel it might be a Barbie doll with certain princess dress or whatever I think we are all informed by the things that fascinate us and excite us when we are quite young but it helped me a great deal not everybody keeps a notebook by any means some writers somehow keep it all in their heads and bring it out when they need it but I always keep notebooks and it makes it takes some of the tension and the worry away because if you write it down it it may just be a note it doesn't have to be the beginning of anything and it also means that when you want to work on a piece of writing you can go back to the notebook and I have this beginning or that idea in this so it makes it more relaxing I don't I don't ever ever ever start with a blank page the advice is that you cannot become a general if you are not big before a corporal Sergent a lieutenant so go step by step I'm interested in how we encounter culture and most of us come to culture well first through the lullaby you know lullaby is theater music and literature and then we become young young young absorbers of culture through things which grown-ups do not see as culture but we are always giving giving kids tools for storytelling you know toy soldiers dolls these are these are tools for storytelling you know and then you go to the cinema and you see a crazy you see a crazy crazy action film or you see a bad horror film by coincidence on on on the television and it excites you so I'm interested in carrying on the cultural dialogue and that's what I mean by by not being afraid of what informed you as a as a cultural person that we will to see Akita a move toward cave but for then do well or with for they do are left of the burqa to audience based on the last piece of advice going out into the world would be don't ever cave in to the pressure of publishers you know or agents who say well you've written a nice book of stories but we need a novel now you know and if you got a novel writer don't sorry don't feel you have to write a novel so do what you want to do and don't worry if it's a little odd or doesn't fit the market you know for sure contain bacteria live nobody need to them with a Volvo stereo entity mark analysis on week mark Nolan's language we could do cameras mark nellen a folio stir the evening a novelty don't pretend immediately to to to receive the Nobel Prize because that kills every every literary career very few of us grow up in a castle and have private tutors who teaches Greek before noon and Latin in the afternoon and then we take piano classes and and and and and and and learn about learn about classical painting or something all of us come to culture through truss and there are so many people who are embarrassed about what excited them I mean if you come to storytelling through the Spice Girls that is how you got into introduced to storytelling you know and work with it I see anything as a as a princess in the castle and you must prove your love many times and then when the princess will will will get convinced that you are you really love her she will open the castle you

28 thoughts on “11 Writers: Advice to the Young

  1. rich ford is a dick.

  2. Richard Ford doesn't speak to all young writers. He speaks for himself and his problems. He's showing doubt. Don't take what he said to be true

  3. I disagree with alla. If your not talented you shouldn't try at all. That's not correct. If you struggle with writing and you have no talent. All you need is practice and you'll make it. Dont listen to what he said

  4. Alla

  5. Some of this advice I think is great, and some of it I think is potentially either beneficial or dangerous, depending on your actual goals. A good chunk of the advice seems to fall into one of two categories: "You've just gotta believe in yourself and it will come to you!" or "Don't do it unless you're willing to spend every second writing, and then you'll probably still fail."

    I think everyone should ask themselves exactly what they're wanting to get out of writing. Are you wanting to quit your job and become a famous author? Are you doing it on the side because you enjoy it?

    If you truly want nothing else in the world than to write, as a profession, to the point that you're going to quit your job and gamble everything…then sentimental dream-seeking advice is something to be weary of. While I don't think you should ever begin something so ambitious feeling discouraged and deflated, the advice about perseverance and reality-checking is, I think, more valuable in this case.

    However, if writing is something you're interested in as a hobby, then I think the "Give all or give up" mentality is TERRIBLE. Nobody should be shut down from exploring a new hobby because they're not especially talented or willing to drop the rest of their life for it. That said, I do think that particular advice was likely aimed at people pursuing the dream of being on Ellen bragging about their new best seller.

    Think this relates to music. You know, you're probably not going to be the next American Idol or famous rock band, but there's nothing stopping you from singing in the shower, or gathering up a group of friends to jam with, and maybe even play at a small house party, or make something of value, even if it's only valuable to 25 people.

    You can still create and share something that leaves you with a sense of fulfillment. You don't have to find a mass audience to do that.

  6. Those are advices for life, for every one. They're amazing

  7. Wow… the third person is a huge depressing let down. "If you aren't talented, give up". That's totally useless advice.

  8. Most of them just want to say something effective, either negative or positive, they really don't care if it helpful or not.

    Forgot em, just write

  9. Horrible

  10. WoW This Show is Always Amazing.

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  11. I am a writer and i do have the key for all of You guys.Just one and only advice that no one of You have thought of…hit me up if You need the real advice

  12. Just a warning that some of these are really negative. The negative ones seem to be men with enormous egos (basically: "unless you're as talented as I am, and you think of writing the exact same way as I do, don't do it.") The others are more instructive.

  13. This was very interesting to watch. It really feels like some of them describe being a writer as a personality and not a job.

  14. sadly, WHY did you include Richard FORD in this? Honestly its terribly negative. Art would not exist if everyone took advice from someone with that kind of out look. Horrible.

  15. WHAT age do you consider it too late to pursue a writing career? thank you

  16. 4:15

  17. "find something better" lmao okay bitch XD I'll writing as a hobbie until I'll make bank.

  18. Some of this is… trash. A lot of those are truly inspiring; however, I'm sorry, but some of them are just saying things that discourage people. If you want to write, do it. Practise, and practise, and sit down on your butt until you actually have something.
    You wouldn't stop doing a project at your job, or your homework when its already halfway done. That would be a waste.
    Think of your pieces of writing as children. Don't abandon them Support them, and help them, and love and nurture them until they have grown up, are ready to leave you.
    Don't be afraid. Be proud.
    And watch Alice Rice's videos on Youtube because they are not only helpful, but also so interesting and supportive.
    Do it. Just write. And finish it. And then hand it in to a publisher if you want to. Be bold. You probably only have this life, and you do not want to regret having not fulfilled your dreams.

  19. Writers are so dramatic lol. Richard Ford belongs in r/gatekeepers

  20. OMG!!!!! I'm sorry (not really) I absoluetly abhore the personality of the ALA guy. What an epic asshole

  21. that Ala guy needs a good high five in the face

  22. "If you're not talented. You should not write" Nobody is talented. It takes ambition to gain the talent. Otherwise nobody would ever become worthy enough to write. "Remember, best sellers doesn't mean best book or best author. It just means it sold a lot." – Grant Cardone

  23. “masturbatory fun”

  24. I always bounce in and out of becoming a writer but in all my drean paths creative writing is always present

  25. "I would say not to take advice, write based on you are and what you've learned"

  26. Ms. Smith having, sharing, exposing the wisdom of Bill Burroughs would make me laugh if I could find some dope and a weapon. 26 and a 1/2 G, if you please…..

  27. The Patti Smith advice at 5:32 is what resonated with me the most. That was very good advice.

  28. ok richard ford lmao

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