11 Creative Art Hacks! DIY Drawing Tricks and Painting Ideas for Your Masterpiece

11 Creative Art Hacks! DIY Drawing Tricks and Painting Ideas for Your Masterpiece

Today. Is the day. For lovebirds to dance. The love dance. Were you trying to grab a snack, Jess? Because that’s quite a meal
you got instead! The two of you have a whole audience cheering you right here in the kitchen! What a smashing performance! Indeed… Is this it? Have you reached rock bottom? There surely has to be something useful there to keep a
craft rockin’! Take that pebble – where else would you use it anyway? Attach a small sticky magnet on the back of it. Give it a yellow paint job using a brush and
acrylic paint. Be sure to leave the top unpainted though. That’s a spot for the main dish! Oh wow, that looks COOL! *chuckle* Be sure to add some details on it using
a thinner paintbrush. Sprinkle some colorful dots and we’re done! It looks rockin’, doesn’t it? Use your imagination to add variety to your daily meal! No, Adam, this ain’t food. It’s just a magnet decoration that won’t be easy to
smash! Just be sure to choose a proper dance floor next time! 🙂 Just a few
branches left to paint… Oh! It’s Emily! Her date must’ve ended. There’s no way Madison’s gonna miss out on these stories! Minutes… Hours… Gosh, girls will always find stuff to talk about. Now, Madison DaVinci, get back to cracking those branches! Huh? What painting? What branches??? It seems your color palette has dried out of patience! You will have to change your frame of mind a bit and be prepared next time. Grab a sheet of paper towel and fold it to match the size of your plate. Now dip it into a bowl of
water. Press it a bit to remove access water
and cover your plate with it. Add a small piece of baking paper for a more proper
surface for your acrylic paint. Arrange the colors that you need. Next time when Emily calls… You won’t have to worry about the paint getting dry! No matter how much disturbance you receive during your painting session. This hack won’t keep your paint damp forever. But long enough for a chitchat with Emily! So don’t stop this tree from blooming! Keep it hydrated. Back to painting and waiting
for another call, girl! As neatly as you could possibly pull off, right Jess? Well, mrs. School President of the year, shine bright like a diamond! Sort of…? If you want to be the star in your school you got a shine brighter! So grab a bowl full
of water and add drops of clear nail polish just like that! A single drop
should be enough to sparkle things up a bit. Dip the cards straight into the bowl. Just be careful not to fold the paper
too much. And pull it out. See this shiny pearl effect on it? Now that’s a winner,
all right! So let every single student know about this! Do they even read the
text though? Well this eye-catching effect will surely
make them read it sooner or later! What a bright person Jessica is! Where are my sunglasses? Alright new month, new page, new beginning, new cake! Starting with a sharp mind and a not so sharp pen, it takes time to gather up the
motivation for such handwriting. There’s no way a bent pen is stopping her now! Nothing at hand… What about Jacobs?
His are full of this
delicious sweet… Hey wait a second! Sweetheart, your cake will wait! For now a
simple fork will do the job! Grab a plastic spoon and fill it with
black ink. Grab the fork and dip it into the ink. Did you write it down? You can still do it! Yep, you heard me! Just be sure to use a form of the fork to
your advantage as well. Better get ready for the upcoming inktober season! After trying this technique, you will surely want to take on any challenges like this! Wow! Jacob’s not even mad about this! Despite that, you still need another hack
on how to eat a cake without a fork! Never mind, this calligraphy session sure
draws his whole attention! Accidentally spilled some water
on a white sheet of paper? Amazing! Just a perfect occasion
for some water coloring! Color drops, lines and everything nice – those were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect crop-out blobs! Lots of them in fact! Each of them are as unique
as a special snowflake! Use liquid glue and start sticking them back together. Make a new composition out of them. Crop out a circle, while you’re at it, this plate will assist you. Cut to the chase, fellow pandas, put it
into exposition and we’re done! Kind of puts you into an Easter mood, doesn’t it? Feel free to play around a variety of ways you can arrange the cutouts! Every artists first step is
to prepare his own color palette. This time, use a plastic
cup and acrylic paint for this. With a bit of water the consistency will be
perfect for a whole puddle of artistry! Get the picture? Splash them onto a piece
of thick white paper or a board! Use your own special color combo of your choice. Take a stick to get it ready for the
splashing next step Move the surface around for the paint to create this blurry and bright marble effect! Let it drift. Art is the priority now. It takes
sacrifices, after all! Let it dry and let your eyes
feast on this marvelous peace! Madison has been left after class. Apparently she didn’t press the subscribe button on her phone! Always subscribe to crafty panda! Class is finished! I hope you learned your lesson! Say cheese! Just the occasion
for the boys to play a bit of football. Hey pal, fetch! Just kidding! Adam’s got a tie his shoelaces. Uh-oh! I don’t think we heard your last comment… Oh… Um… What’s up?.. Definitely not this decoration. Now you’ve done it fellas! Let’s say… Wait, I think an idea has sparkled up! Just grab a stencil of your choice and draw lines, like these, using the flame of a Bengal light stick. Don’t put the flame too close though!
And be careful with it! You are drawing with a soot that is warming up during the close encounter between the flame and the paper. Combine it with detailed taps of a
paintbrush. The trees here needs some green on them. Meanwhile, the grass will
be easily done with a spongy material. And we’re done! This drawing technique with fire is called fumage. and there’s a billion ways how you can use it! Let your creativity be as free as a wild horse. You surely hooked it off with style! Well then,
the show must go on
but it doesn’t mean that you can keep playing. You boys, are grounded! And he was like: Oh my gosh! Oh! Speak of the devil! Oh hey there, Adam… Oh… What’s with that phone case? It looks so ancient! I’m actually surprised it doesn’t have a cable. This case sure has seen a lot… Yeah, girl, you better put that phone down in the trash. I know it isn’t so often you see the back side of your own device but still… Yikes! Cover this hideousness in dark
blue using a paintbrush. Use a sponge for a different texture
and add those extra shades! Combine different coloring techniques!
You will not regret this! Now, tap a paintbrush soaked in white paint into another one to sprinkle some stars on! Get a paper stencil with a contour of a little girl and, using a sponge, paint her! Just one last brushstroke and let it dry.
Time to put this nice piece onto your phone
and make it public! Hey there, Emma!
You may want to take your words back. Because… Just made a slight
remix on her case a
whole starry night that fits in your pocket. So, what were you saying
about this old phone case again? Where is your judgmental look now, Emma? A whole starry night painting right there, right? Art class is a place where
you have to come up with something,
no matter how bad you are at this, Jacob. Well, this looks a bit sketchy. It isn’t supposed to be competitive but it just can’t be helped when Emily is so good at. Oh, Jacob, just admit it, you’re not as drawn to art as she is. I guess he’s not in the right frame of mind today… Maybe this situation isn’t as terrible
as we may think? We did enough sketching so go ahead and start using your paintbrush directly on the canvas! Choose your desired colors for the sky and use
those rip off as a stencil for your mountains. ♪~Paint no mountain high enough!~♪ Switch a direction and a tone of
your brush strokes in order to create two
sides of your mountains. Throw some brighter accents in order
to create a bit of a 3d effect! And now remove the stencil. Alright! You see, even true artists have some
hacks up their sleeves. What a masterpiece! That’s some top selling artwork right there! Just be sure not to brag too much about your technique, okay? Hey, crafty pandas! I hope you enjoyed
these school hacks! Let us know which of them you’re going to use next in the comments down below! If you want to learn more,
feel free to check out our older videos! Hit the subscribe button and ring that bell to stay tuned for more!

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