10 Oddly Satisfying Drawing Ideas

10 Oddly Satisfying Drawing Ideas

Today we are doing 10 oddly satisfying
art ideas! You guys have been requesting another drawing ideas video for quite
some time. So… drumroll please! I’m gonna do an air drumroll *awkward silence* Since there’s gonna be a lot of drawing ideas packed into this, let’s just dive in! Alright, real talk… Have you ever wanted to draw an eye, but you kind of feel like you do the same
thing every time and it gets kind of boring? And maybe you want to spice
things up a bit.. this one is for you! Get an ink pen a fountain pen whatever you have… and do a big sketch of an eye on your paper, but leave a giant space below
it because we have a twist coming at you! [MUSIC PLAYS IN BACKGROUND] All right now that we added our giant
rainbow tears or slime or whatever this is… you can color the iris if you want. You can touch up the slimy tear things Do a little bit of shading.. and at the end, this looks sweet! And there you go. You have an eye, but with a twist. One of my favorites is covering a canvas or a piece of paper with a solid color… and then doing some festive seasonal folk art on top. *creepily shows finished painting* If you like abstract art and inking, this one is definitely up your alley! So I’m using a gold leaf marker, and just doing some diagonal lines at the top… Then I’m taking a fountain pen, and scribbling everywhere except for the bottom of the page. Filling this out… filling this out… same exact kind of scribbles over and over again… Then, I’m taking a thick
marker… and I’m gonna outline the bottom of the scribbles. That’s all I’m doing, just outlining where they end… Then I’m taking that same marker and I’m
doing it stripes to fill in the bottom of the paper. It’s kind of cool. Kind of looks like a piano, but it’s not! So once you finish, that part then you can take a smaller
marker or a fine liner, and just do some hatching at the bottom of the paper. It adds a really cool dimensional effect. It looks really sweet. And it’s abstract… and
really therapeutic to make! [MUSIC PLAYS] All right, where are my foodies at? Raise your hand! Tell me what your favorite food is down in the comments. So what I’m doing here is… taking markers and laying down a foundation of a cupcake. But I’m not getting hung up on shading with the cupcake. I’m literally just using three
markers, and then we are gonna switch art supplies after this… because mixed-media
is fun! Especially with food! I love adding just the base colors and then going over everything with colored pencil. It looks really sweet. The blending feels really smooth.. I think the effect looks really cool. So if you don’t have a lot of markers, or maybe you only have a couple… This is a great way to utilize them while incorporating other
supplies! And at the end, you have a really cute cupcake so.. hey! 🙂 [MUSIC PLAYS] Yeah, so I really just want to eat this
one… that’s that’s all I want… a cupcake… Even though I’m not using a
sketchbook at the moment, I love doing this one in sketchbooks. If you want to
add a pop of color to your sketchbook, or just to your sketch in general… then you can draw a person… draw the face and shade it how you want it with your pencil. No big deal, right? The usual… But again, we’re adding a twist! So this one to me is very oddly satisfying, because you have a semi-realistic sketch of a face with this super bright neon hair. And it really pops off the page. Really adds some color… And kind of makes it very eye-catching
and interesting. So after you lay down the hair color, you can go in with your
pencil, and shade over top the hair. Or you can stop right there and just have solid-colored hair. Whatever you prefer! And if you feel like being fancy… you could even do tons of colors in the hair. You don’t have to just do one bright color. You can have
your own creative liberties. I decided to make the lips bright pink too, and here we go! There’s our cool person. [MUSIC] If you don’t feel like drawing anything
in particular, or maybe you’re stressed out… you don’t know where to start… Hey! Have no fear you don’t have to draw a certain thing… you can just draw a
bunch of blobs, and follow the rainbow! It’s so satisfying. You do this fun gradient effect with blobs, and repeat repeat and repeat! [MUSIC] Now I must warn you, this one is very time-consuming. That’s why I’m only using a half sheet of paper. But if you want to
go all out you can do a whole sheet. If you’re feeling brave, let me know if
you do a full sheet! I’m curious! Anyway, it does look very beautiful at the end. It is a great way to combat stress. And it is so satisfying to look at when
you’re done. If you have markers, crayons, colored pencils, or paint laying around… You can do this one! It’s really fun. Really easy. All you do is pick a color
you like and draw a squiggle. Alright? After that, sketch a pencil at the end of
your scribble. If you use paint, you can even draw a paintbrush. So I am just going to shade my pencil, and make it kind of cartoony. If you want to do a really realistic one that would look sweet! But I decided to do a cartoony one for fun. Now after you shade your pencil and have it exactly how you like… You can color the lead too! And then shade underneath it to make it look like it’s actually
hovering on the paper. It looks so cool when you’re done! And it’s a fun and pop of color! If you are into hand-lettering… This one is fantastic for you! So pick a quote that you really like, or a phrase that maybe you have said. I chose “you are not your past,” because I think it’s a very empowering quote. And make it decorative So some tips on how to do that is draw more than one font. I did print and cursive. And then you can dress it up by perhaps adding a decorative ribbon and putting one of your words in the ribbon. I did that in the middle of my quote and then.. after you have your quote written
out, you can really dress this baby up with some simple techniques. For instance,
drop shadows with a different color. Just add your drop shadows to your word… If you did do a ribbon like me, color it in! Make it pop. It’s really easy. I’m doing
another drop shadow with a different marker, and it looks really colorful now
that all that’s done. And then I did little sun rays around one word. And boom! Here you go! [MUSIC] If you are someone who is intimidated by shading… this one is wonderful for you! So let’s borrow that technique from
earlier where we just cover a piece of paper or a canvas with a solid color. Now, I want you to think of an animal that you really like. Now think of an outfit you really like… and paint your animal wearing clothing! So the beauty of folk art is you don’t have to have perfect realistic proportions. And you don’t have
to do shading. You can add your own flare to this. Make it whimsical. Folk art is simple, because you use a limited color palette… you get to repeat a lot of shapes… and if you want to add texture you can
just do simple lines! So that’s what we’re gonna do. See those lines in the fur? Once I color in this sweater, I am going to repeat that same texture
technique on my sweater. Ready for this? All right, let’s do it! [MUSIC] Now that our outfit is finished, let’s add some plants in the background. We are going to fill this space by
essentially repeating the plant shapes and boom! Looks really uniform. It looks really polished up at the end, but we didn’t do shading! And that’s okay! [MUSIC] If you’re looking to make some home decor on a budget, or maybe do a gift topper
for someone… this is a great idea! Just take a different color piece of paper, and ink a plant on it. It looks really minimalistic, but modern. And it really pops off the page. So… all you budget decorators: this is a wonderful one for
you! I like to do this one and sometimes I like to actually go outside and press
a plant in a frame, because that’s another cool way to decorate. [MUSIC] All right! That concludes our ten oddly
satisfying art ideas. Hopefully you found them satisfying. But more importantly, I
hope it inspires you to create! I actually make a lot of art idea videos, and videos on how to fill your sketchbook. So if you’re looking for something to binge, you can click this playlist. But if you’re on a mobile device, you can click a link down in the description, because it’s probably not
going to show right here. So I’m not gonna waste your time. There’s links down there! Thanks for watching and have a good day! Bye guys!

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