🌤The Last Sunny Days Before Autumn \\ CatCreature

🌤The Last Sunny Days Before Autumn \ CatCreature

hello, and welcome. these are my outfits in the last week of summer, as the winds grew stronger and the Sun waned into fall. this first outfit is all about styling this blouse. I got it online and I never wore it because I didn’t realize the front is so loose and low, and since I don’t wear bras or bralettes, I would be very self-conscious about it but- recently I found this straight neck tank top in my mom’s closet from the 90s so that neckline goes very well with this blouse, and I paired it with black culottes so that there’s a coherence, and it almost looks like a romper from
underneath. there’s a lot of black shoes that could work with this outfit. these flats make it a bit smart, which is nice once in a while to dress up a little bit but it’s also not formal, because of the neckline, and also my matching blue glasses. my eye shadow is also iridescent butterfly blue, which I love, so I kept my lips a very unobtrusive fleshy peach. the next day, it was proper hot under the Sun. but I needed a versatile outfit so I can stay warm indoors with AC, for the top, a simple tank which is actually a bodysuit and it makes it very easy and nice to wear with these snug snug pants. they also have clippings on the very bottom so it was easy to go to the bathroom in, by the way I’m making it a goal to wear all my clothes this year so if you recognize this from years ago- this jack is in my first Uni vlog, its unlined so I won’t overheat in it but it’s still comfy and these open-toed sandals are like about the only sandals I have, but luckily it looks really nice! because from afar, it’s the same value as the jacket so it pairs quite well but the cherry on top of this outfit– or should I say peach on top? is definitely the makeup and accessories. so I have tangerine/peachy eyeshadow and these earrings are glass peaches, hand blown by a local artist in Ithaca. I found this in February when I visited an artisanal shop there and I’m just going to cherish those forever they are so special. Wednesday was good and sunny, so I took this chance to wear my 60’s dress. found this vintage in Toronto the summer, and this jacket I found last summer, because Tyler and my first anniversary, we went to a bunch of thrift stores and vintage stores across Cape Cod. so this outfit is very matchy-matchy and playful in that way, as accessories, I really just wanted dangly earrings, and I don’t have too much right now so I wouldn’t say these plastic bottles are very fitting, they were gifted to me a while ago but it’s really about my bright pink eyeshadow, my pink mascara (that you can barely see) and for shoes, the white on white transforms in it into a different silhouette from afar, almost like an ankle boot and also like a little bit school girly vibes, just very playful. and for accessories, I love to have that one thing that matches, or maybe complements- but is different from the rest of the outfit so this green purse was my mom’s from the nineties, this time when I went back home, I found a couple of things and brought
it back here to wear. and this is a very comfy outfit for class, also quite matchy matchy, almost patriotic colors, but having pops of yellow diffuses that and there’s also the primary palette that emerges and it makes it playful. I mainly styled it around the floral print so that’s what the pants do, as well as the socks on the shoes. socks are one of my favorite garments, so any shoes that shows a lot of the socks, gives me so many different ways to wear it and I love it and a denim jacket is suitable because it’s a nice material contrast and it doesn’t compete with any of the bright colors because it’s very neutral and I tried out red eyeliner that I bought but it looks much more deep magenta which is disappointing, but still cute, i’ll still wear it and my yellow studs are from the 80s and just so funky and playful. the jacket, I got when I was 16 I thrifted this in New York when I was there for a
pre-college, so it’s nice to introduce all of these staples back into my daily outfits. they’re very nostalgic and I appreciate them. and on the last day, it’s like autumn officially arrived, the temperature dropped, and it’s been cold and rainy since then so a very fall appropriate outfit, my makeup is like pumpkin spice latte, very warm, and I never wear dark lips because I’m very scared of it smudging or just messing up, but it pairs so well with the maroon pants so it’s fun to have occasionally. I’m wearing a tank top over this turtleneck, and the neutral blue complements oranges, but also keeps outfit from being exclusively cliche fall colors. and lastly, I want to mention that some of the items I wear it in my lookbook are gonna be listed on my site
pyperbleu.com instead of using a third-party app to resell my wardrobe, I use my own domain, now so check below for which items are linked to that. definitely moving forward you’ll see a lot of layering looks, I have to put comfort first and foremost for very chilly weather too. I will see you soon, make sure to rest well stay warm and dry and enjoy your autumn. until next time, goodbye.

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