【ibisPaint】How to Draw the Face

【ibisPaint】How to Draw the Face

If subtitles overlap, please press the maximize button. Draw a circle to determine the position of the face. Draw a cross line in the center of the circle. Use the crosshairs to draw eyes, nose, mouth, and ears roughly.
Let’s draw while confirming the overall balance. Draw eyes easily along the rough eyes. Draw eyelashes on the rough circle. Trace the line of the rough. Draw the upper eyelids on the eyelashes and it will be better. Just changing the angle of the eyelashes can be a drip or angry eyes. You can draw different expressions by changing the angle of the eyelashes. I will draw the outline. Draw three circles under the eyes and make a foundation for the outline. Draw a forehead along the rough drawn first. Next, draw lines toward the circle. Draw a profile line to connect the rough circle. Draw ears to the side of the eye. Draw the hair. Like the image, if you draw it in three parts, (1) bangs, (2) sideburns, and (3) back hair, you can create depth and a three-dimensional feeling comes out. Draw a cross line on the face. Draw a mark at the center of the head.
I will draw hair easily towards the mark. The hair is drawn according to the shape of the head. After drawing a rough hair, draw a thick hair that you can draw easily. The draft was completed. Draw the pupil and light in the eyes. If you are not familiar with drawing, first draw simple eyes that can be easily drawn and draw it in detail later. I will draw the hair. Just trace on the draft. From a fat hair, increase the hair tips. Because the hair which seems to be still solid, draw “falling behind” and express hair that seems to be soft. When drawing the falling behind hair, it is easy to draw if you image the ribbon. Complete. Thank you for your watching!

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    Please cooperate with the translation.


  2. Meanwhile im over here drawing mario taking a piss (not my meme btw) and posting it for the world to see

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  4. Why the hell do people here wanna draw a perfect circle? You’re not gonna see it later anyway, so why bother? It’s just a guide for the face, stop being so immature saying “oHhH I CaN’t dRAw ThIS PerFEct cIrclE, i cAn’t Do iT”

  5. I'm better at drawing on paper

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  7. What if the character hair has animal ears?

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  16. I watched for fun, lol.

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  22. It is so cool

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    through the whole vid? 🤣😂

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  31. Ibis paint: makes helpful tutorial

    Me: fails miserably at completing tutorial

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  38. 78% I can’t draw a perfect circle
    54% Can you do a tutorial in how to do a perfect circle?
    1% just watching the video for no apparently reason

  39. 78% I can’t draw a perfect circle
    54% Can you do a tutorial in how to do a perfect circle?
    1% just watching the video for no apparently reason

  40. Des français sont là ?

  41. ( ̄∀ ̄)

  42. アイビス開いたあとにこっち開いたら、

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    Заранее спасибо🙃☺️

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  72. My anime doesn't have very big eyes. I try not to do anime logic and do real logic

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  89. What annoys me about digital art is all the steps. I feel overwhelmed thinking about the layers aspecct of it all. I hate that layers are needed to make good art. It bugs me that they dont mention the layers and it makes me feel stupid like nobody else is intimidated by it. Im so intimidated by digital painting and layers that i dont even want to try. I am just going to stick with traditional artwork and keep saving money for copic markers lol. So much easier. Yet at the same time i know if I just had a great teacher… Bleh.

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