【Dolls】Repainting Walkthrough : Hoseok : Mattel BTS Doll Repaint Weverse: #renddsxbtsrepaint

【Dolls】Repainting Walkthrough : Hoseok : Mattel BTS Doll Repaint Weverse: #renddsxbtsrepaint

55 thoughts on “【Dolls】Repainting Walkthrough : Hoseok : Mattel BTS Doll Repaint Weverse: #renddsxbtsrepaint

  1. It's so nicely done 👌👌👌

  2. you make these dolls so well omg 💜💜💜

  3. Love your work! If you could make new outfits for them it would be awesome

  4. He finally looks like our sunshine 😌💜

  5. I really want to be a first comment
    I love Jhope too

  6. Jhooooooooooooopee

  7. You forgot the mole he has on his lip! But otherwise he looks amazing!!

  8. You should buy more of these dolls,paint them all and sell them

  9. YAY SOPE IS COMPLETE! I love your repaints so much <3

  10. Why do you do a better job than mattel lmao

  11. FINALLYYYY😆😆😆😍😍😍

  12. But his gorgeous mole?? U.u
    He looks cuter now btw :')

  13. JHOOOOOOOOPE *suga's voice*

  14. Your so funny and entertaining

  15. 3:13
    “i'm upsetti. i need sum spaghetti"
    quote of the year

  16. Aaaa! you did an amazing job on him!

  17. She is so good at remaking omg

  18. "she says he's friend-shaped" I'm crying that's the best way to describe him


  20. Oof I’m crying he looks just like hobi!!!

  21. 💜💜💜💘💜💜💜

  22. I have always been inspired by you. You are so beautiful, funny, and talented. Ever since I started watching your videos I would always buy dolls and repaint them😂.I wanted to buy your dolls but I am to broke😢😅😁.

    (✿^‿^)( ꈍᴗꈍ)(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤(๑♡⌓♡๑)♡(ӦvӦ。)(✿ ♡‿♡)(•ө•)♡(๑♡⌓♡๑)(。♡‿♡。)(。・ω・。)ノ♡( ◜‿◝ )♡(o´・_・)っᕙ(@°▽°@)ᕗV●ᴥ●V(^3^♪¯_(ツ)_/¯¯_༼ ಥ ‿ ಥ ༽_/¯༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽


  24. I think the problem is how the manufacturer chose to do Hobi's mouth.
    To me, he is 'true Hobi' when he has his adorable open mouth smile that makes his eyes very narrow. He looks like human sunshine then. 😊🌞💜

  25. This was so good i love your repaints so much

  26. Is her bias hobi?

    Edit :Nvm Now I know thanks Rendds 👍

  27. if permanent marker gets on a dolls face how do you get it off?

  28. I love how he came out!! Don’t worry I also can’t tell people’s face lol

  29. This makes me wanna buy all the BTS Mattel Dolls and repaint them lmao

  30. He's gorgeous now! And thank you for reuniting sope 😏

  31. The best repainting.
    I love your videos

  32. The 1st painted look seemed more like NCT Taeyeong but now he looks my baby Hobi. Ahhh…just fix his hair a bit😬😬😬 its looking like bruno mars's hair

  33. “Hopefully he’ll have fun with us, as we rip his face off.”

  34. 4:37 if I get up to fast I go cross eyed for like 3 seconds

  35. cuestión:
    Why did you change the other videos?
    The audio …… and the thumbnail?
    Pd:Love your video…..and hoseok abs

  36. J hooooooooooooope :3

  37. i thought u were going to add his precious lip mole. 🥺❤

  38. SOPE

  39. Thank you so much for doing my suggestion! Good job he looks great.

  40. yaas! you nailed all of them.. good job! 😊😍☺️👏👏👏

  41. you did him justice UwU

  42. what pencil do you use for the eyes? 👀

  43. I can’t believe it come out

  44. Pls do the jungkook version

  45. I'm soo glad you repainted J Hope, he looks adorable, can you please do Jungkook's next??♥️♥️

  46. i love doing that with my non bts stanning friends too, it’s hilarious

  47. Aaaahhh Hobi looks so much better now! And your friend is right, he is absolutely friend-shaped uwu


  49. You brought the happiness back into his eyes I'm so relieved

  50. my brothers use acetone when they're unboxing their toys to keep the boxes in good condition. maybe you could try it if you want to keep the boxes

  51. Hm…you are very talented and I've enjoyed all of your other remakes, but for this one you didn't really capture his features imo :') Although the art itself is really stunning, the eye shape is very off to me, they look very squinty and cold, but hoseok's eyes are rather down turned and with like a soft swoop, giving him this kind sort of doe eyed look when he smiles softly.

    Also his moles…especially the one on his lip is so essential to his features to me… Please don't take this as negative cricitism, since I also don't know what your goal is with these repaints. I've seen you take some artistic liberties in your other repaints as well, so maybe these things aren't the focus in your art.

    Nice job either way, doll repainting is very hard, especially when the doll is based on a real person. But I have to admit, if you'd at least added his lip mole that would already complete my heart!

  52. Hobi Hobi Hobi 💜✨

  53. Lee Donghe ?

  54. Looks so much better you have a great Talent 😊

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