♪ IT CHAPTER 2 THE MUSICAL – Animated Parody Song

♪ IT CHAPTER 2 THE MUSICAL – Animated Parody Song

Rise and shine, time to restart, Go fishing at the river where I’ll eat a man’s heart. The Losers didn’t stop me, I just bounced back, Craving fear, I’m starving for a snack. Lure a little girl underneath the bleachers, Share insecurities of our imperfect features. When she least expects it, I dine on her face, But I’d rather have a Loser, I prefer the taste. For twenty seven years, I dreamt of you. I craved you, I missed you! For twenty seven years, It dreamt of us. It craved us, It missed us! Oh, oh, oh! Stan couldn’t cut it cause he feared my wrath, So he turned to a razor and he bled out in the bath. But the rest of you returned, all thanks to Mike, I thought you’d forgotten, like Bill’s old bike. I know your secrets, I know your fears, It’s time to relive them after all these years. Richie’s in the closet, Billy’s guilt blocks his joy, Ben wants to be loved, but no one wants to kiss a fat boy. We gotta finish that clown, here in Derry town. Go underground, and bring him down. For twenty seven years, I dreamt of you. I craved you, I missed you! For twenty seven years, It dreamt of us. It craved us, It missed us! Deadlights, deadlights, Don’t look into the… Deadlights, deadlights, No staring at the… Deadlights, deadlights, Must shield your eyes from… Deadlights, deadlights. Venture down to my home with your artifacts, But fact of the matter is your ritual is whack. Send you off in separate directions, Drown Beverly in blood, show off my scary door selection. Become a large spider , it scares the best, But it doesn’t work for Eddie so I stab him in the chest. I’m the eater of worlds, can’t outrun my crawl, As long as you’re afraid, I’ll never be small. Wh- why Georgie? Why him? Because you weren’t there… Hahahhahaha!!! For twenty seven years, I dreamt of you. I craved you, I missed you! For twenty seven years, It dreamt of us. It craved us, It missed us! Oh, oh, oh! You lied, and I died, YOU LIED, AND I DIED! For twenty seven years, It dreamt of us. It craved us, It missed us! Oh oh oh! For twenty seven years, It dreamt of us. It craved us, It missed us! Turn light into dark… Turn light into dark! TURN LIGHT INTO DARK!!!

100 thoughts on “♪ IT CHAPTER 2 THE MUSICAL – Animated Parody Song

  1. 🎈For 27 Years. I Dreamt Of You. I Craved You! I MISSED YOU!🎈

  2. 👍😎👏

  3. Maze Runner: The musical or Half Life The Musical

  4. Era mas aterrador antes

  5. Do Resident Evil 7 The Musical. Please?

  6. Out of the three this is the best

  7. I just got a spoiler and just watched chapter 1

  8. For 27 Years IT dreamt of us IT craved us IT missed us

  9. You better do battle at big rock next.

  10. IT two 2017 2019

  11. Chiad's play the 8 musical vs it 2 the musical

    It 2 the musical wins

  12. Thank you lhugeny

    Deadlights deadlights , must Shield your eyes from deadlights deadlights

  13. It's actually right I am a kid


  15. In 27 Years…In 27 Years

  16. Wow. Nice

  17. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre the musical please!

  18. Rip eddie

  19. Dude am I love this movie? Who likes it too like the fuck

  20. rampage 2018

  21. YAY

  22. This is spoilers for me but WHO CARES

  23. 2:13 missed opportunity to put the part where Bill shoots his younger self instead of Ben, Bev and Eddie just standing there, but the musical was amazing! I've been waiting 27 years for this lol

    Edit: please get this to 27 likes lol

  24. All of the major scenes in IT chapter 2 in 4 minutes

  25. For 27 Years
    I dreamt you
    I craved you
    I Missed YOU!


  27. Spoiler massiveeeeee!!!

  28. Do mk11 or the joker next

  29. It was actually 2016

  30. Cool 😎😎😎

  31. Can you do IT 1990 miniseries

  32. Rip Eddie

  33. Can you please redo Aliens the musical please

  34. I like this music 😀

  35. ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 🎈

  36. Spider-Man far from home musical would be a great idea for the next one

  37. you lied and I died…YOU LIED AND I DIED!

  38. No boy died

  39. Sigh….i miss your old animation tbh

  40. 🎈

  41. Why does Bev look buff xD

  42. Bro this is the best! And it was only 7 hours ago like WAAAAAAAT 🙂

  43. So why was penywise still singing when they squeezed his hear when he was small

  44. Que sad rip eddi pobre richi

  45. Niice Musical🔥🔥🔥💯💯
    It was 🔥🔥🔥

  46. For 27 years we’ve dreamt of lhugeny

  47. Wait a minute The first it Movie took place in 1988 not 1990 so 1988+27 is 2015 and 1990+27=2017

  48. One two….. you forgot to say three eats Vicky


  50. Wait so did Georgie turn into that weird spider near the End? Or Did Georgie not even appear.?

  51. I love it and it's very nice a favorite

  52. When my mom heard this she said "for 27 years I lived"

  53. Godzilla King of Monster (Remix) Please

  54. I can't stop listening to this

  55. It chapter 2 The End Pennywise Vs losers Club

  56. It’s been 27 years since lhuegueny likes and heart this

  57. If lhugueny didn’t exist I would probably have noting to watch on youtube

  58. Also lhugueny can I do a reaction of dis for a vid?

  59. For 27 years I been waiting for this song

  60. Pennywise is cute

  61. I like the old animation style from your blacks ops music parody

  62. You lied and I died penny wise more like money wise

  63. Pls Do Rambo Last Blood

  64. Are you going to make joker the musical?

  65. Yeah finally y love this song

  66. 🎈 You die then I die! 🎈

  67. R.I.P Eddie

  68. Do spiderman far from home

  69. Why does it look like bill is doing the hype. Like Billy there is no time to dance

  70. Do a Minecraft musical remake.

  71. Is it me or does mike Ben and Eddie looked like they had worked out?

  72. 2:34 When Pennywise die, he is saying something

  73. Wow

  74. Make Spider-Man far from home the musical

  75. Coooool and crayzyyyyyy good job 😎😎😲😲

  76. Pennywise: welcome home

  77. Just realized how impactful Georgie's death is?

  78. 🤡1990. 💩2017

  79. 27 years 27 months 27 days I’ve dreamt of you, craved you, I’ve missed you

  80. Also subspace emissary the musical? Maybe you did world of light

  81. you will float too 🎈

  82. Bills my favorite person is the best thing in
    that movie

  83. Pls do you of creation reborn

  84. best musical ever.

  85. I though you'd forgotten like Bill's old bike

  86. Me when I see a spider 2:21

  87. Do a tremors song all six please

  88. 27 years later, the beats of these musical still make me float.

  89. Name of the music parody

  90. IT Supposed to be 1… 2…. Your Supposed to say three… (bites)

  91. Penny wise i dont see his hair at (2:30)😂😂😂

  92. Please do THING musical parody.

  93. Me waiting for this song:For twenty seven days I’ve dreamt of you I’ve craved you I’ve missed you

  94. 🔥This song is lit!!🔥

  95. I love it

  96. من عربي

  97. That just creepy

  98. Please, can you make Spider-man Far From Home?

  99. Where is stanly

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