⁴ᴷ⁵⁰ Walking Moscow: Odintsovo – Drawings on Buildings | Одинцово – Рисунки на Зданиях

⁴ᴷ⁵⁰ Walking Moscow: Odintsovo – Drawings on Buildings | Одинцово – Рисунки на Зданиях

Odintsovo City – Moscow Region Kutuzovskaya Ulitsa (Street) Ulitsa Chistyakovoy (Street) The inscription on the wall “We get enough sleep tomorrow” Kutuzovskaya Ulitsa (Street)

19 thoughts on “⁴ᴷ⁵⁰ Walking Moscow: Odintsovo – Drawings on Buildings | Одинцово – Рисунки на Зданиях

  1. The best street artists from 26 countries of the world gathered to decorate the facades of high-rise buildings. 30 buildings were decorated with drawings by artists from the first to the last floor of the building. The total area of such paintings is more than 30 thousand square meters. And each picture is with a special meaning.

    These buildings with drawings are located in the small town of Odintsovo not far from Moscow.
    We walk from the first building on Kutuzovskaya Ulitsa (Street) and finish our walk on the thirtieth building, decorated with drawings, thank's to street artists !

    Please enjoy this walk with us! 😊

    Лучшие уличные художники из 26 стран мира собрались, чтобы украсить фасады многоэтажек. 30 зданий были украшены рисунками художников от первого до последнего этажа здания. Общая площадь таких полотен – более 30 тысяч квадратных метров. И каждая картина – с особым смыслом.

    Эти здания с рисунками расположены в пригороде Одинцово недалеко от Москвы.
    Мы идем от первого здания на Кутузовской улице и заканчиваем нашу прогулку на тридцатом здании, украшенном рисунками, благодаря уличным художникам!

    Наслаждайтесь этой прогулкой с нами! 😊

  2. 20:38 Nice building!

  3. Wow that is amazing. What a colorful building

  4. Очень круто, жил в Одинцово,на этом месте было поле до нулевых годов,но здесь говорят большие проблемы с трафиком ,картины очень оживили мкрн. 👋СПАСИБО!Одинцово всегда называли столицей Подмосковья

  5. Very cool tour. Love seeing those giant murals. Very cool that a city would allow that. Although, it doesn’t really look like a small town as much is a large city to me. Thanks again for the tour as always. – Henry

  6. I like this kind of street art! It gives a refreshing air to the block of flats! We also begin in Bucharest same trend…

  7. I want to go to the building wall painting and see it. The building wall painting that touches the sky is fantastic.

  8. Why not new constructions of this kind from the project!?

  9. Holly Molly…it seems to rain cats& dogs…

  10. I have noticed so many small shops " Producty" just so handy for people living in that block of flats, who maybe had no time to go to Supermarkets….Same here…

  11. Very nice! I wonder if the inhabitants had a choice in what was going to be displayed on their apts….

  12. In French they say La joie de vivre…Pleasure to live in such environment….

  13. Vas doktor…Your Doctor just nearby you…

  14. How long time was this project needed to be complete!?

  15. Now people will say: I live in the penguin block…or in the dolphins one….Good!

  16. Well folks… I appreciate your quick answers…. very professional…

  17. This I can't miss…All these people are musicians, living in the Accordion block!? …funny isn't it!?

  18. By painting whale on the school walls the children will be encourage to pay attention to the nature environment and protect it …

  19. I belive people living there are very satisfied now!

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