Переделка старой мебели. Перекрасить шкаф из ДСП.

Переделка старой мебели. Перекрасить шкаф из ДСП.

welcome everyone on my channel my name is Kristina wanted to tell you about the alteration of the cabinet of slides
it all started with the fact that after repair the cabinet did not fit into the new
interior color and I decided that just I will order the facades or the front part, the doors of my wardrobe in the furniture company Especially since I already did this with my
kitchen furniture and I liked the result but thought to lose already
nothing, then why not try do it yourself. I bought the necessary materials and set to work, what came of it
let’s see together. So, what I needed:
sandpaper from 80 to 120 in my opinion the best option after working with sandpaper, wipe off all dust wet cloth and apply
degrease took such a grater with clips for
sandpaper seemed not convenient because it’s hard to adjust the pressure, you can do without it putty for wood if you take less weight very small.
For a small
surface fits a small rubber spatula If the furniture does not have such chips, you can do without putty It looks like putty surface after complete drying, grind
sandpaper finish to perfectly flat surface Further primer: I have acrylic, because he worked at home without odor I tried a primer on the basis of varnish such a coating of course has a hard grip but at home it is impossible to work with him because of the strong smell apply primer in 1 layer and give
time for complete drying so as not to be tied down with enamel some parts applied enamel without primer I did not see much difference, therefore
you can do without primer Acrylic enamel and bath for her. Also suitable paint acrylic for windows and doors. I bought everything in the hardware store. The paint eventually thickens and her
it becomes harder to apply in this case, dilute it with water according to the instructions on the package. Enamel applied in 4 thin layers Velor roller for enamel, I have 12 centimeters long on long doors he seemed to me
small but all the work done to them also gloves and clothes that you do not mind, because the paint does not wash off after drying All facial parts
sliding shelves and doors I twisted and filmed It looks like just taken off the door
cabinet and then already processed sandpaper.
Also handled the side parts and the top, the bottom I recommend not to paint it is still not visible and will not stick to the bottom, if the shelf does not often use I also replaced all the handles and glass in the cupboard in my slide. if you have any questions ask in the comments I will try to answer all see you again;)

7 thoughts on “Переделка старой мебели. Перекрасить шкаф из ДСП.

  1. так круто получилось! просто супер!!!!!!!

  2. Здравствуйте! Можете дать пару ответов?
    1) Грунт наносили прямо на лако-красочное покрытие или предварительно все покрытие зачищали?
    2) Поверх краски после финишного покрытия наносили ли какой-нибудь лак?

  3. Спасибо за чёткие инструкции и замечания. Результат превосходный. Ваше видео оказалось максимально полезным и – никакой воды)

  4. ШИКАРНО !!! 👋👋👋👋👍👍👍👍👍😍🥰😘🌹🍀🌺☘️🌻🍀🌻☘️🌼🌸💐💐💐💐Вот такой работой я тоже планирую заняться, краска уже подготовлена . Жду вдохновения!!!

  5. Какая вы умница! Тоже займусь на досуге, стенка нравиться, но цвет достал, да и обновить хочется) Спасибо за идею, подписалась!

  6. Очень понравилось! Но что-то с музыкой, оглохнуть можно..)

  7. Всё ясно и понятно спасибо.

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