ООАК куклы Enchantress дота 2 арт кастом Лесная Дриада

ООАК куклы Enchantress дота 2 арт кастом Лесная Дриада

Hi! Welcome to the magical world
creativity! Today I will do something unusual!) I bought this wire and
this self-hardening mass for modelings,
the basis I will take the simplest Barbie doll it cost 99 rubles ($1.57), but it
I don’t need legs, they’re with hinges will be useful for another project, instead of them
I will take legs from a doll for 55 RUB ($0,87), and these legs I need four of them, because the deer has 4 legs, I’ll do OOAK on character from the game dota 2 Enchantress is
a deer with a spear, warrior forest Dryad body all night
stood on the balcony and hardened in some places there were cracks, it
not dry yet. because one night, I suppose, will be very little, since there is a thick layer,
and these cracks, of course, I really do not like wire I made the thread, it’s horns and
fixed them with threads, simply wrapped it around a few times to keep them together the character’s nose is not like the Barbie doll’s, I started to make the nose and face I still
add here on the sides, and ears I decided to pull out and better to just sculpt
them separately, without wire that’s what I get let’s start to try to process a surface a nail file some soft nail file, these
three nail files are much softer than this let’s try number 1, the hardest
nail file, but still it is very soft, need sandpaper so I finished painting the body and I started to paint the head, I did
horns, and now I paint face again also, I got a little dirty on the doll’s back.
so I’m gonna paint the body again, too here in some places
bad paint where the hinges I have this acrylic
water-based varnish, now I will add water to it and cover the doll’s body because I
finished painting it, I think that’s enough to make it dry faster, I put
at the lamp now from wire I will base
for spears and I will sculpt from the mass character’s spear in the form of tree branches and the tip of it
twisted So the day passed, I think the spear
dry enough still I have constantly this
problem: on the shoulders of the doll crack the paint if you also had such a problem, write in the comments if you know how to avoid it (I assume, Mr. super clear is needed) in the ears of the forest dryads earrings,
gold rings, and I made two rings
of the wire and now will paint them look at my new
shopping: I bought this gold paint
acrylic, such a small tube it cost about 100 rubles ($1.58), I bought this Golden contour on glass and ceramics, he
cost 36 rubles ($0.57), it’s all I bought in store for creativity, this bodily paint,
it says here it’s warm gray and I bought
acrylic thread, that is, here 90 % acrylic and 10% nylon,
for deer hair I’ll use these threads, I’ll
I tried to choose the most like the color and they
so wide, I won’t brush it because she has just
such hair, as if woven strands and I replenished my stocks of brushes, I bought two such brush, this goat
number three and number five, bigger for painting bodies, faces, for large planes they are cheap, their price is about 30-40 rubles ($0.5-0.6)
under the foil cover, it is good Good
sealed paint, I think that’s enough what got on the foil what a beautiful shiny gold color,
colors in the Bank is not very much that’s about it’s time to paint a face, I have to very
try and make it beautiful I will focus on this picture and
on this and I finished painting the doll’s face, and now I’m going to varnish it I will use this again
acrylic varnish I absolutely do not like this varnish, he not very a good soon, I plan to buy
Mr.Super Clear I’m deterred by its toxicity, and I’m afraid. that’s all, let’s take a look at the end
result put likes if you liked it,
write comments, I have already started to do my next OOAK, I won’t spoiler,
so be sure to subscribe to my channel and press the bell that would
do not miss anything thanks for watching)

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  2. Очень красивый ооак! Успехов вам в будущем!

  3. Класс люблю твои видосики и канал

  4. крутяк

  5. Хорошенькая какая вышла!

  6. Супееер ♥

  7. Можно я оставлю пару советов, как человек, который испытал все прелести подобных переделок на собственной шкуре?
    1. Застывайки, типа Das или Fimo надо шлифовать до дури с помощью мелкозернистой наждачки и влажной тряпочки в конце для большей гладкости;
    2.. Чтобы краска ровно ложилась на пластиковые детали, их надо предварительно зашкурить (так она держится лучше), саму краску лучше наносить косметическим спонжем. Есть еще способ окраски тел с помощью сухой пастели и клира (много-много слоёв). Я им по правде не пользовалась, но продвинутые мастера так делают.
    И последнее – я бы тело оленя флокировала. В остальном кастом отличный, вам есть куда развиваться.

  8. Здpавcтвуйтe!

    Бывaло ли у Вac тaк: Вы сняли xopoшее видeo, пoтрaтили кучу вpeмeни нa монтаж, вложили душу, нo прoсмoтpoв oнo не набиpаeт?

    Вce дeлo в тoм, чтo для набoра просмотpов cpaзу пoсле публикации poликa ему необxoдимo дать стapтoвый "тoлчoк" в виде неcкольких тысяч пpосмотpов.

    Для этoгo oтличнo пoдхoдит ceрвис "Вибум", в котоpом за паpу кликoв можно размeстить вaше видeо на coтняx площaдок.

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  9. Как фанат доты и данного персонажа – не могла не заценить 👍
    Молодец, хорошо сделала.

  10. Вааааау как красиво мой брат любит доту сделаю ему также как и ты ты большая молодец

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